Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third time riding Toadie!!!

I got to ride Toad after her training again today.  It was my third time riding her and I'm feeling like I'm starting to understand how to communicate with her.  It was especially odd today because I was riding Girlfriend during Toad's training and she was super hot and amped up and acting like she did when I first got her - bolting and throwing her head and when I asked her to canter she did an excited little buck up with her butt, down with her head, up with her butt. 

Totally opposite of Toad who just stood there when I got on her.  First time I rode her on the lunge line at a walk.  Last time I rode her around a little more with Trainer V. walking along nearby and today I rode her by myself with the Trainer V. standing in the middle of the arena and Trainer K. riding around on Girlfriend.  We walked a little then I asked if they thought I was ready to trot with her and they said that was fine so I asked her to trot and she did a pretty darn good transition for a green horse!  Her trot is amazing! It's much slower than Girlfriend (of course, whose isn't?) and while you feel like you're getting bounced around on Girlfriend, with Toad it's really smooth and like flowing along on some gentle rolling waves!  I think the only other horse I've ridden with that kind of trot is Sparky at my old stable ... I think it was him.  It was either him or Penny, but I think it was Sparky.  It must be a large Thoroughbred thing because Girl is only 15 hands and short and squat but Toadie is 16.1 hands and has got long legs and a long body. 

I'm totally not kidding, it felt like we were dancing while she was trotting and I was posting.  And she listened to my leg and staying on the wall, but the moved out just a little when I asked when she almost scraped me off on the wall.  Then she stopped as soon as I asked her in a nice smooth transition! Woo-hoo!  When we stopped both my trainers said, "Wow, you guys look really good together!"  Which was really great to hear.  Weeee!  I had to lean over and give her a huge hug around her neck I was so excited. 

I stayed a little bit after to watch Trainer V. with a client's new horse - a little gray Arab named Jafar.  He is really really cute.  But of course Toadie is the best horse ever.  I can't wait until we can start doing schooling shows next year because I think she will do really well!  I have some great video of her from her training session yesterday with Trainer V. riding her and a cute clip of her and Trainer K. just standing around before training ... but I can't figure out how to upload the video onto my computer because my computer is not recognizing the camera when I plug it in.  Grumble.

Instead here is a photo of our newest neighbor, who I believe in just under two weeks old because I was lucky enough to pass by and see him not long after he was born and I think that was less than two weeks ago.  When I walked up to the fence his relatives thought that it was best to charge the fence and bare their teeth and make scary hissing noises though.  I was glad there was a big fence there but honestly they are still scary.  I may have to get an alpaca as a watchdog.

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