Friday, September 9, 2011

Thunder and heavy rain ... most unexpected

That was my Facebook status yesterday morning because I was sitting, having my coffee and looking up stuff about this nasty virus I have, Subacute Thyroiditis when I swore I heard thunder.  The weather report for the Greater Seattle area said sunny and 80's for the whole week so that was odd.  I brushed it off as some sort of construction sound that sounded like thunder.  Then I heard it again and it really did sound like thunder and I couldn't imagine anything industrial that could be dropped or pounded on that would make that exact sound.  Then I heard it again and it started to pour down rain.  When I posted my status a couple of friends who live in downtown Seattle replied "Is that a song lyric?" "Are you on vacation somewhere?"  But no, we get the freaky weather up here. And I like it that way!

So, speaking of the Virus from Hell (VfH) I got in to see and endocrinlogist specialist yesterday and she confirmed what my mad-Google-skills had told me, that it is Subacute Thyroiditis. It is a virus and will go away on it's own and since I'm half way through week 3 it should start clearing up soon.  Of course, the VfH was not going to have any of that and when I got home I felt so weak, chilled and like I'd been run over by a truck I called my husband, told him I couldn't make dinner so pick up take-out, put the girl in front of a movie and collapsed in bed.  I've been taking round the clock tylenol/ibuprofen but had skipped my afternoon dose so I could take the prednisone the doctor prescribed (and my husband was picking up on his way home from work) and apparently without my large doses of ibuprofen and tylenol I had a nasty fever.  That would explain why I've been so exhausted the last two weeks.  I had a little meltdown and cried and planned my funeral in my head, then took a bunch more tylenol and eventually felt well enough to watch a documentary on who Jack the Ripper might be and how he probably continued his killings in NYC.

Then, as though it's not enough to feel even sicker after 2.5 weeks of being sick, I got that dreaded call from one of my friends (M. - Gemini's owners) at the barn saying Girlfriend was acting colicky.  I would've panicked but I was too achy and exhausted.  I asked poor M. a billion questions "Is she looking at her stomach? Is she sweating? Will you go in her stall and see how she reacts to you? Ok - what did she do? Is she lifting her tail and peeing a lot (that would mean she's in heat) ..."  She was very patient and answered all my questions and even went so far as to listen to her heart (I forgot to ask her to listen to her gut sounds for me).  In the end we agreed she just needed to be watched but didn't seem to need the vet called because she eventually calmed down and went back to eating.  I feel very indebted to M. for doing all that!

It was so frustrating though because I wanted to jump up and run out to the barn and see for myself. And it's only 5 miles away.  But even just sitting up made me feel like someone was crushing me with a pallet full of anvils.

This morning my fever is gone again (yay for huge doses of tylenol/ibuprofen) and I have just enough energy to barely function.  But I don't think I'll be able to make it out to the barn so I'll need to call and make sure Girlfriend is ok.   Toadie has been doing better which is great.  I really wanted to go watch her training but there's no way I'm going to be able to rally and do that.  Plus, I think at this point I may as well just give in and spend the day on the couch.  Maybe I'll finally start getting better if I do that.

The endocrinologist I saw yesterday was great.  And Evergreen Hospital is so swanky!  The doctor asked who my primary care physician is and I said I didn't have one yet because we'd moved here a few months ago from Seattle.  She said she had moved here a few years ago and people in Seattle talked about the Eastside like it was this horrible "other place" they never wanted to go, so why did I move and I said, "Because I like it better.  It's so much nicer.  Less congested, way less crime, much better schools, nicer houses for less price, no stuck-up city people telling me the city is the only place to be ..." and the doctor smiled and said, "Smart woman!"

My mom even liked this doctor and commented on the way home "Now that is a good doctor.  Smart, with-it, takes time with her patients, takes her job seriously.  That's the way doctors are supposed to be!"  It's kind of a big deal if my mom (a retired nurse) actually likes doctors these days.  But then after my brief stint of working at Group Health many, many years ago I can see her point.  That was like the McDonalds of health care.  Their system seemed to be "get 'em in and out as fast as you can to make the most money and do the least amount of work to help them so the overhead costs less." 

The general-care physician I saw in my new neighborhood pre-endocrinologist has a clinic like that.  They recommended a different specialist but he was on vacation, so I found this one so I could see someone sooner.  I even called the general care doctor's clinic to give them a head's up that this new specialist would be calling for a copy of my lab results, and the specialist called them three times asking or them.  But they never sent them over.  Finally, the specialist called me before the appointment and asked if I could pick them up on the way because they really needed them.   My mom was driving me because I didn't feel well enough (and all my non-working friends had to be home to pick their kids up from school) so we stopped by this other doctor's office to see if I could get my lab results on the way.  But they had a sign on the door "Closed for staff meeting".  But they were all sitting right inside beyond the glass door.  So I knocked and they all pretended not to see me.  I knocked two more times and they pretended not to see me.  Then I pressed my face against the glass, pounded on the door as hard as I could until someone looked at me (with fear in her eyes like I was crazy) and I mouthed, "Get Your Ass Over Here!"

Finally, the largest of the receptionists opened the door and said firmly, "We are closed right now!" and before she could shut the door I snapped, "I have an appointment with a specialist in fifteen minutes and they have called numerous times for my lab results and nobody sent them.  So they called me and asked me to pick them up on the way to my appointment."  Thankfully, the receptionist looked embarrassed and went back and printed up my lab results.  But so much for that clinic.  My mom laughed a little when I got in the car and said, "Don't mess with you, huh?"  Then she said, "I bet they hope you never come back because you might actually demand that they do their job and show some competency."  Well, not to worry.  Never going back to them.  But it was frustrating.  Back in our old neighborhood we went to the Polyclinic and had the same family doctor for something like ten years and we could always count on them.  It's too bad they don't have a branch of the Polyclinic out here.

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