Friday, September 2, 2011

Toad be Illin'

In a couple hours I'm going out to meet the vet at the stable so she can check out Toadie.  All week she has been acting strange and as I told L. the vet's receptionist "I'm not sure if she's acting strange because she's not feeling well, or if she's just strange."  For the last three months or so that I've been working with her she has been calm and wanting to please and very attentive to me.   That has also been Trainer K. and Trainer V.'s experience with her.  But Monday when I took some friends from Seattle out there to meet the horses she was all riled up and acting really strange.  She was throwing her head and spooking at the slightest thing and kept pinning her ears and getting a wild look in her eye.  She was pretty hard to handle and just like the "crazy-ass horse" that people initially couldn't understand why I'd buy.

Add to that that she's been sneezing a lot and a couple times tried to rub her head on my leg like something was bothering her and she was trying to rub it off on me, I decided that she's not feeling well.  As opposed to what initially crossed my mind which was "Wow. I was totally duped.  She acted great for three months and now she's completely insane. What happened???"

So, I'll be curious to see what is wrong and I hope that the vet can figure it out.  The way she was acting this week I could barely handle her.  I *could* because I'm used to her now and know her, but I don't want to in the long run.  And Trainer V. said it was really hard to ride her this week so that means I can't ride her like this.  My gut says she's not feeling well though.  Why else would she go from being that sweet, compliant, attentive horse to one who's throwing her head around and bouncing off the walls?

The kittens are attacking my shoes. Sigh.  They've been attacking *everything*.   Good thing they're so cute. Grumble. 

Now that I'm starting to feel better I need to set a date to use my gift certificate for a full-day guided tour of fly fishing.  As it turns out I posted on Facebook to see if any of my friends wanted to go and I got a ton of responses.  Who knew! My husband actually asked what it would entail and I said, "Quick lesson on flies and lures, quick casting lesson, then head out to fish.  Lunch is provided - chips and Snapple and burgers cooked over a camp fire."  And suddenly my husband was interested in going.  I think the burgers cooked over the camp fire are what got him. 

The living in the suburbs gossip continues to amuse me.  My friends out here are so open about what people say about each other behind their backs it makes me wonder what the heck people were saying about me back in Seattle.  Surely my fellow PTA moms had something to say about the girl who didn't wear the same designer jeans as them, always had dirt under her fingernails and came to the PTA board meetings with hay in her hair and breeches and field boots.  But everyone was so uptight I never heard it if people talked about me.  Well, except after we moved one of the PTA moms said, "You are the talk of the school! No one can figure out why you had to move out to the sticks like this!"  To which my reply was, "We *wanted* to."  "But why????"  Sigh.

Anyway, latest gossip is I'm a "predator" (I'm assuming meaning "Cougar") trying to woo all the young, pretty moms in the neighborhood.  I guess that comes from my two talk-to-daily-mom-buddies being 29 years old and pretty.  That's not taking into account my other five mom-buddies in the neighborhood I talk to almost as frequently who are my age (and still pretty).  In fact, no gossip was said about my little crew that goes out on regular lunch dates together because I'm from here and they are from India and Nigeria so we go out and try different Indian restaurants together.  Anyway, now I need to set up a movie night for my fellow suburban moms to watch Predator. My husband has been making Predator/Drone jokes.  Being the dork I am I did not know what a Drone was.  Ooops.   Of course, before that gossip was the big "Does she smoke pot or not?" debate.  The answer was "Surely, she could not be so friendly and open and *not* smoke pot!"  In case you're wondering, no, I don't smoke pot.  The last thing I want to do at my age is get arrested for illegal drugs, plus last time I smoked it umpteen hundred years ago it gave me panic attacks.  Hmmm ... now I can never run for president because it is publicly known I inhaled.  Too bad.

Speaking of presidents ... I am getting much more bitter in my old age and am not feeling very hopeful about the state of our country no matter who is president.  I can understand the frustrations of the folks in the Tea Party but I think they are so off-base it's horrifying.  I saw a little snippet on Facebook yesterday to was so spot-on I just have to share it: "A CEO, a Tea Party member, and a union worker sit at a table with 12 cookies. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies, then whispers to the Tea Party member, "I'd watch that guy. I think he's trying to get your cookie".

Sometimes I think we should move to Saudi Arabia and live with my cousins because at least their country is rapidly getting better instead of worse.

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