Monday, October 3, 2011

Junk food

There's yet another article out about how Americans prefer to buy junk food at restaurants as opposed to healthy food.  They go on to talk about how restaurants need to have healthier options and some have - but that doesn't mean people are buying them.  That right there to me is all the evidence there needs to be to show that coming down on McDonalds or blaming them for people's health and weight problems is ridiculous.  If there were no market for junk food, junk food would not be so prevalent.  People in our country want their pop tarts, doritos, lunchables, and super-processed meat with no bones or blood showing and safely wrapped in shrink wrap so that people don't have to acknowledge it was ever a living animal.  So, when I hear about how San Francisco thinks banning toys from Happy Meals will help with the obesity problem, it just makes me want to scream.

This is my problem with my people - the bleeding heart liberals.  In a perfect world, we would care about people enough to help them in a way that actually helps them.  We wouldn't ban anything we think might be bad to protect people from themselves.  To me, that's like training a horse by making the horse subservient to you because of fear or at least having no other option.  You're not going to get a smart, educated partner who wants to please you, you're going to get a cowering wreck who eventually is going to either get so scared he rebels and hurts you, or gets an ounce of confidence somehow and rebels and hurts you just to get away from your Draconian ways.  That's where I see liberal politicians heading these days - if they make enough laws and rules then people will eventually be forced to do healthy things.  But of course, they won't make rational laws like "Everyone needs to take a thorough gun safety course to get a license to own a gun."  Nope - can't have a rational law like that because it would really piss off the conservative constituent and you might not get re-elected.  Instead make stupid laws like "No more toys in Happy Meals".

But what about families like ours?  Our daughter gets to go to McDonalds once every two weeks after her riding lesson.  It is our tradition.  And a huge part of the draw is the Happy Meal toys.  And our daughter is skinny as a rail with extremely strong little muscles.  I would be pissed if they banned Happy Meal toys because it's part of our tradition.  And when we go there she has a choice of what she wants and half the time she chooses the apples because they come with caramel sauce and she'd rather have that than fries.  I'm pretty sure she is skinny and healthy because she is only allowed sweets at dessert and then only if she eats a healthy dinner.  She's picky as all hell about what she eats but she's only presented with healthy food - fresh produce and lean meats and real cheese (not processed cheese strips) and healthy breads without a lot of preservatives.  For snacks she gets higher fiber crackers and real fruit leather (ingredients: dried fruit - nothing else).  And if she won't eat the healthy food then she just won't eat.  It's not hard.  You can get all that stuff at the grocery store and I also make stuff.  And it's not like Doritos are so inexpensive compared to multi-grain Ritz crackers.

So, I don't have any sympathy for people who claim to not have access to healthy food.  Ok, except for people on WIC and food stamps because their choices are much more limited and I've been brainstorming some way I could start a program to help change that.  But this banning Happy Meal toys shit is just that - bullshit.  Education campaigns like the one Michelle Obama is on, are all well and good, but people are just so into their crappy food they can't get out of it.  And then they pass that on to their children and set their children up for hard lives ahead in obese bodies that are no fun to live in.  I think part of the problem is the politically correct need to act like being obese is a disability and people needs special treatment for it and should get the same accamodations for it as someone with a disease they were born with.  Obesity is (most times) something that people have done to themselves the same way alcohol related illnesses are something an alcoholic does to themselves.  It does no one any good to be politically correct and say "Being obese is just fine - carry on and we'll make changes to make it easier for you to kill yourself."

I would love to see the day where companies that make crap food like Poptarts and Fritos and Pepsi started going out of business because no one wanted to consume that crap anymore.  It's not even food.  Soda is literally just carbonated chemicals - why would you put that in your body? Might as well just go smoke pack of cigarettes because it's got about as much nutritional value and does about as much good for your body.  There are foods out there that are basically the same thing - maybe a bit of ground of corn or super refined bleached out white flour, then the rest is chemicals to preserve it and high fructose corn syrup to give it sweetness without the manufacturer's expense of using real sugar.  What amazes me is that so many people have no idea that all they are eating is chemicals and it isn't giving them any nutrients.  It's filling up their stomach but not giving them any of the energy that food is supposed to give them, so they just eat more and more and never actually get that energy that actual food has - all they do is make themselves really fat and unhealthy.  If people would just realize this, it wouldn't matter what the food manufacturer's did or what restaurants sold because soon enough the ones who sell non-food to eat would go out of business.


  1. Oh I TOTALLY agree! Hello, there is a demand for it. I just don't understand the rationalization of limiting what the restaurants sell (as long as they are honest about what they are selling!) That is one thing I like about where we live, that the bigger places have to list calories on their menus.
    Anyways, I tried to email you to say I really appreciated your recent comments on my blogs but it bounced back to me. So thank you!

  2. Sybil - you must have used my old email that we don't have any more cause we don't get DSL way up here. I like the calories too because I'm always curious if one of those salads that are so yummy are the salads that are 2k calories!