Saturday, October 1, 2011

My poor little pitbull and Girlfriend's new Little Mama

The kittens have completely overtaken poor Willow-the-pitbull's world.  I have to feed the kittens first r they will dive into Willow's food and hiss at her if she tries to eat and she is so sweet she will walk away and look sad before she'll try to push her way in to eat.  Keep in mind that Willow is almost 70 lbs and last time the kittens were weighed they each weighed less than 3 lbs.  I imagine they're about 4 lbs each by now they're growing so fast.  Snow has also taken over Willow's three favorite toys - a big pink, plush bone, a pink plush stuff dog and a little furry green frog.  Even if Snow is not playing with them Willow is afraid to pick them up because he thinks they aren't hers anymore.

In the horse world I hear that called "making yourself big".  The kittens make themselves big around Willow so that she doesn't realize the weighs about twenty times what they weigh.  It's the same with horses, they don't realize that I weigh almost ten times less than them.  I'm often amazed how much Toad listens to me even though she's so much bigger than me.  And how little the kittens listen to me.   But Toad likes for me to tell her what to do and then even more she likes it when I hug her and kiss her nose and tell her how wonderful she is.

Girlfriend has a new little mama as of today.  The girl who wanted to lease her started today and she'll be riding her three times a week.  They got along really well today although Girlfriend kept pulling her back feet away from her Little Mama because she (Little Mama) is very gentle and quiet and not aggressive at all.  I need her how to make herself a little bigger - at least so she's bigger than Girl, which is not very hard.  Girlfriend is the most gentle horse I know on the ground so she is a wonderful "first horse" for Little Mama - especially because she is only her horse for three days a week.   I had been all worried the week before because Girlfriend was so energetic but today she and Little Mama did just fine.  In fact, her mom said it looked like she was in heaven riding her. 

Initially I had suggested she could take lessons with the dressage trainers at the barn,  but now there is another trainer, Trainer J. who does Western Pleasure and whatever the heck else there is in Western riding.  Little Mama could take Western lessons too since that's what she's used to apparently and closer to what Girlfriend used to do.  Although Trainer J. says Girlfriend isn't a Western horse she's a "cow horse" which is different.  There is a whole different world of horses that I know nothing about.  Even watching her students ride I have no idea what they're doing and it looks hard to ride like that.  How can they tell the horse what to do when their reins are so long and the saddle is so thick they can't feel what the horse is doing underneath them and they can't easily put their leg on them?

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