Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When enough is enough.

I'm having one of those difficult-mom moments with my kittens.  They are five months old and that means that in a couple months I will need to get them spayed but every time I look at them and think that I get an empathy pain in my lower regions.  I had the same viceral reaction when Willow-the-pitbull got spayed when she was five months old.  I adopted her from the Seattle Animal Shelter though so they wouldn't let me adopt her until they had her spayed.   I know I will take them in to do it but it will be uncomfortable for me I'm sure.   I don't know how my friends who have children who've had surgery can handle it.  I will get them spayed though because we have quite enough cats and if they have kittens I fear it would be hard to find homes for them.

I went to Toad's training today and was planning on riding her, but she was sore from her work yesterday.  Yesterday Trainer K. did some stretching with her and Trainer V. did some riding exercises with her to help supple her neck so she got a work out on muscles she's not used to using.  Because of the way race horses are trained and raced her muscles in the top of her neck are not as strong as the muscles in the lower neck and that is the opposite of the way it should be for good horsey posture - especially for dressage which I'm learning is a lot about their back raising and strength coming from their core in the same way it should with humans when we're active.  I tried to give Toadie a massage around the areas where she is sore, but having never learned anything about equine massage I was surprised to find out that she didn't like me doing any semi-deep work, which goes against my first instinct after only doing human massage.  My first instinct is "Wow! Such huge muscles! I can lean right in!"  But not on my super sensitive girl.

How we figured out she was sore is that Trainer K. was putting on the saddle and I was putting on her bell boots.  I walked in front of her and raised my hand to pet her on the nose and steady her from throwing her head when I'm in front of her like I always do when I pass in front of her in a tight space.  Only this time she pinned her ears back and lunged to bite me!  It was totally unlike her and my first instinct was to smack her hard in the nose.  She started to lean forward to bite at me again and I pinched her skin by her mouth and smacked her.  Then she lowered her head a little and did her little submissive chewing but it was really surprising and totally unlike her to do something like that.  So a little investigating showed that she was really sore on her right side and needed to rest her muscles for today.  Still, I wish she'd learn to tell me in a way that didn't involve trying to bite me.

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