Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cold feet just at the thought

It was 26 degrees and has warmed up to 28 degrees.  I need to get it together and go out to the barn and my feet are cold just thinking about it.  I heard about these things called "foot warmers" that you can put in your boots so I'm thinking I may go check them out because two pairs of wool socks just aren't cutting it when I'm out for hours and it's this cold. Especially because my riding boots aren't insulated. It'd be ok if I was wearing my big insulated waterproof boots from REI but I can't ride well in those.

And no, I'm not at all excited to go on vacation tomorrow.  My poor husband is so "Pacific Northwest" and I am totally enamored with his N'awlins culture.  Plus, I was kind of excited but a little nervous about our trip until I talked to his cousin, Debbie last night and she was telling me how excited her daughter is to see our daughter and about how her daughter's new thing is wakeboarding and she's taking class with the second top wakeboarder in the nation.  And hearing about the rest of the family and everything they're up to and how everyone is happy we're coming down, it just started getting me psyched to go.  Plus, have I mentioned that I LOVE New Orleans? Well, I wouldn't live in the city itself, but I would love to live in the suburbs or in a rural area outside.  Actually, I had my heart set on moving the family to Mandeville, LA but my husband wouldn't go for it.  Probably for the best because I do love our neighborhood and school here and all our friends.  But it is fun to visit at least.

I'm a little concerned about being away from the pets for so long.  And day before yesterday I had my first ride with The Toad where I felt confident and comfortable like we are a team and are starting to trust each other.  Every time I've ridden her I've been very nervous that if she doesn't act really well then I won't be able to handle it.  Friday was the first day I really found myself feeling confident and like I could handle her and take care of her, instead of her having to take care of me.  That was pretty awesome!

Ok, I need to rally and start putting on many layers of clothes and head out to the barn to make sure the horses have all their supplements to last while we're gone. And come back and write out detailed instructions for our housesitter taking care of the cats, and upload audiobooks onto our iPods for the travling part, and make sure my daughter packs appropriate clothes and doesn't forget things like underwear or packs all shirts but no pants (which has happened before).  Yikes. Much to do.

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