Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I really need to stop reading the news for awhile

I need to stop reading the news because not only does the actual content irritate me, but so does the presentation and exploitation of manipulation of facts in order to try and get people riled up.  We're going on vacation in a few days so I may make that my news-fast time.  Otherwise I just get really irritated.  And of course the whole Occupy thing is really irritating me.  My work just got our major government grant that we survive on cut because of enormous budget shortfalls this week.  The place I work is a major player in fighting to achieve the goals that the Occupiers claim they want (and we actually are working toward change as opposed to camping out downtown and demanding that other people come up with solutions and do the dirty work).  So, here are these people camping out at SCC Campus, using up thousands of dollars in the city's money to pay for cops (to remind them to be respectful of others - which is not their strong suit ... they demand we all respect and let them do whatever but god forbid they respect anyone else) and the city cleans up after their messes - and the money to go to organizations who are doing the work FOR the Occupiers are losing their government funding.  I know it's not a direct result of the Occupiers, but still, they are wasting resources that could go toward something production - something that would actually help their cause.  In my opinion they are actually hurting their cause.   They are such bozos.  I finally realized how to define myself politically:  I am a liberal, not a bozo.  There is a difference.

Anyhoo.  Let's see if somewhere deep down inside I can rustle up something non-cranky.  This song makes me very happy. It is one of my favorites. And I never get tired of this band.

Girlfriend is doing better.  In fact on Sunday I put her out in the arena thinking she might want to roll, and before I had even unsnapped the lead rope she was bouncing around and trying to run off.  As soon as I unsnapped it she whirled around and started galloping around the arena, bucking all over the place.  Then she started running her barrel patterns.  She was running so fast without warming up her old lady muscles that she skidded out and biffed on one term.  But she let out a snort and jumped right up and started galloping again.  It's good to see my old girl so energetic and feeling so well.  I think the Cushings medication is having an effect because although she's had energy, it hasn't been that much.  That's the kind of energy she had four years ago.  It gives me hope that even at 27 she has a few good years left in her.

Toad was really wound up on Sunday but she was super lazy today.  It was my first time lunging her with a bridle on (Trainer K. suggested I start doing that) and I was pretty worried about hurting her mouth.  I'll need to ask a lot more questions at her training tomorrow.  I didn't feel like I was bothering her during the actual lunging, but I wasn't sure.  And I had a lot of concerns that I was pulling and yanking the bit around too much when I was attaching the lunge rope to it.  She didn't act like I was hurting her, but when she knows she's supposed to be working she gets that attitude that she has to be obedient (which is good) but I don't want to be hurting her on accident and her not letting me know.  I guess if it was too bad she's let me know.  And my bruise - which is now almost two weeks old and still taking up a big portion of my thigh - is a reminder.  A big, green, red, purple reminder.

The last couple weeks I've noticed that my neighbors the llamas are gone.  I find this oddly distressing.   Actually, all the animals appear to be gone including the emu and the long-horned steer.  I don't know if they're just in a different pasture in the back of the property or what but I am bummed that I don't see the llama anymore when I head out to leave the neighborhood.  Meanwhile, up the street the other direction, one of the big fancy colonial houses with their pristine pasture with fancy electric fences stopped having horses in their pasture one day.  Then a couple weeks ago a couple cows showed up.  They look a little out of place on such a nice equestrian property.

My campaign to get chickens again seems to have failed enough that I'm going to give up on it.  And since the city has been pissy about letting us have our community garden on the land that the HOA owns (so really ... the city should have no say ... grumble ...) I imagine the city would really throw a hissy fit if we went ahead and put a community chicken coop back there.  But hey, we voted out a couple of really annoying incumbents on the city council the last election so maybe that won't be an issue anymore.  That would be nice.  Although it is a moot point until March at this rate, now that it's so dang cold out.  I have a couple potted plants I either need to get in the ground this weekend or bring them into the garage for a few months.  And it's possibly going to snow this weekend so that may not happen.

And we're going on vacation.  Of course, we're going to see the in-laws so that is always a crapshoot on whether or not it is traumatic or relaxing.  But we're going to see the in-laws in New Orleans so that is a huge mega-bonus.  Experience has shown me that New Orleans locals (ie: my in-laws) are all crazy, but they also have the best Cajun accents and the Best.Food.Ever and their craziness is at least fun craziness.  Oh yes, and Best.Music.Ever.  Ya'll can be thinking of me on Thanksgiving when we're having a Cajun Thanksgiving meal.  Hot pepper jelly and everything crab-this and crawfish that and everything covered in red pepper and paprika - not to mention you must have the Holy Trinity: celery, onion and peppers.

And I just like the idea of not having to work.  Well, not really having to work.  Hopefully, not having to work.  Because of the loss of our big grant at work no one is allowed to write any checks without calling me and getting my O.K.  So, I will inevitably get a couple work calls.  But I will also be drinking sweet tea and wearing short sleeves in the 70 degree weather and eating jumbalaya and gumbo and "live" boiled crawfish while deciding if I'm going to give them the O.K. or not.

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