Friday, November 18, 2011


This is my current favorite song.  At least for today.  Even though in the video the lead singer looks like a sheltered doughboy whose ass I could kick, which is always a turn-off for me.  Geez.  I really am a sweet person, I swear.  I probably should not let those thoughts out in public. Sigh.

One of my long running favorite musicians is Trombone Shorty a kid from New Orleans.  I was hoping he'd be in town when we're there but no such luck because he's too big.  He'll be touring around WA DC while we're in New Orleans.  When we were there in 2004 I heard him on a local radio station and he was playing at a club in Treme but it was the night we were flying out.  Bah.  Instead since he's not in town I'm hoping to go see these guys while I'm down there because they look fun.  And it's all-ages so my daughter might actually like to go with us.  Oh, who am I kidding.  Everything is all ages down there.  You can even take kids into pubs as long as you don't buy them alcohol.

I know it comes as irony for someone who is so pro-vaccine, and for someone who knows a lot about vaccines and their history and the reality behind much of the urban legends and propaganda ... but I am afraid to get the flu shot.  The only reason I am is because of the horror stories I'd heard years ago from people about how they got a flu shot and got desperately sick.  I realize intellectually that they may have gotten the flu shot AND gotten desperately sick but that the two were not actually connected.  It is impossible to get sick like that from a dead virus unless you are allergic to some part of the vaccination formula.  Which I'm not because I've had all the vaccines one can have (that are dead, with my compromised immune system I can't have live vaccines) and never had a problem.  I've even had the flu shot in the last few years because my rheumatologist insists on it.  In fact I'm supposed to get a pneumonia vaccine too, which is weird because I thought pneumonia was a secondary bacterial infection.  I need to look that up.  Anyway, I went out and got my flu shot this morning because I've been putting it off and figure I should get it before hopping on an airplane for a full day.   And as always, I practically stopped breathing and made myself woozy.  It's not the shot, it's the fear of bizarre side effects.  Totally irrational.  And ironic because I will lecture a new mom's ear off if she starts talking about not vaccinating her kids out of fear of autism.

The weather report for our area says it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow but so far I haven't seen any indications of it.  I just keep watching the weather to make sure it doesn't snow on Monday because SeaTac Airport is notorious for shutting down with just a bit of snow.  Plus, I don't trust driver's on I-405 in the snow/ice.  Too many Californians in their Hummers thinking that they can drive like dumbasses with their 4 wheel drives, not realizing that all 4 wheel drive means is that when they skid out and crash all four wheels will be spinning independently right before they careen across the patch of ice.  Meanwhile, down in Gulf Coast Louisana they are expecting high in the upper 70's and thunderstorms.  I could ask for no better weather for New Orleans in fall!  Except when we have to cross the Causeway which freaks me out because it's just so wrong to drive out onto a bridge where you can't see the other side.   I should probably try to change my attitude and think of it as "cool" as opposed to "creepy".

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