Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're home and it's cold.

I can't say that I wasn't disappointed to leave New Orleans yesterday.  We got up at 4am their time (so 2am our time) to go to the airport to catch our first flight to Houston. It's good that we left so early because it was so crowded that we got our gate as they were starting to board our flight.  Both flights were pretty easy and quiet - no barking dogs or yelling assholes or Jerry Springer type fights.  But we were all really tired.  The flight from Houston to Seattle was a bit over four hours so keep myself from wallowing in "I'm so tired and going back to a cold place" self-pity I paid the exorbitant fee to watch t.v. and watched dumb, but funny shows like The Big Bang Theory and did mosaic crafts with my daughter.  And drank bad airplane coffee.  And talked to the couple in front of us who are Pentecostal children's ministers in rural Alaska and were actually quite charming.

Back home it is cold and gray and good God but our old cat can puke and have the runs and miss the litter box a lot while we're gone.  Sigh.  I spent a lot of time going around the house and cleaning it all up and using up over half a bottle of orange enzyme odor remover in the process.  Our cat sitters kept them fed and their litter boxes cleaned but it was too much to ask that they go into each corner of each room to check for cat puke. 

I tried to get it together and go out and see my horses in the afternoon but I had my obligatory travel-headache and we got home at 2pm (Pacific time) which was exactly 12 hours after we'd woken up.  So, my daughter and I took a nap (or I dozed and tried to nap but my head hurt too much) and I didn't do much of anything. So, this morning I'm going out to see them and I'm hoping they haven't forgotten about me.

I do wish I could move all my good friends, Trainer K. and my daughter's awesome school down to Mandeville, LA.  Or even Covington or Madisonville.  I told my husband if we ever "come into money" (like half a million or more) I want to move to the Northsore of Lake Pontchatrain.  Since there really aren't any jobs out there for him, especially not on the Northshore (there *might* be a job for him in the city but I don't want to live downtown or Metairie and he doesn't want to commute across the Causeway ... people think commuting across the 520 bridge here is bad ... imagine that bridge only literally twenty times longer!) ... anyway, since there aren't any jobs for him we'd have to come into money to buy a house for cash and then I could work part-time and he could do art.  But since the chances of that happening are pretty much slim to none I think we're here for the longhaul in the Northwest.  And once it snows I'm sure I will forget all about my homesickness for N'awlins.

Et toi!

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