Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bacon of the month club

My daughter and I both enjoy watching Food Network and we just watched a show where they ask chefs what the best food they ever ate was.  One of the guys talked about The Bacon of the Month Club.  Apparently, there really is such a thing.  It actually sounds like something I would want to join.  Because I'm a terrible carnivore.  I made the mistake of telling my friend who is a vegan that I used to look at our chicken, Janey and think what a tasty roast she would make.  I assured her I never think that about my cats, dogs, horses or children.  I'm not sure she believed me.  I have a theory that different people are genetically predisposed to be carnivores, vegans or vegetarians and it's up to each individual to figure out which one they are.  Most vegetarians say the idea of eating meat makes them feel sick just to think about and sure, that may be a pathology but the way they describe it sounds more like a visceral reaction.  Just like my visceral reaction of looking at my fat, little chicken and thinking how tasty she would be.  My daughter got upset once when I said I needed to get the chicken in the oven and she asked, "Which chicken?" and I said, "The dead one in the fridge - not one of your pets.  We don't eat our friends.  Unless they are chickens and then only if we're starving.  Which we are not."

Anyway, Toadie and I are really coming along in her training.  This last week was a difficult one for her.  She was a nervous wreck and a hormonal wreck to boot.  But Friday we had a really good ride.  When I transitioned from trot back to walk, I noticed that I bounced at a sitting trot quite a bit for the last couple steps and that just didn't feel so I asked Trainer K. what I was doing wrong.  Maybe I was sitting properly for the sitting trot?  Trainer K. said that Toad's back isn't strong enough yet for me to work on the sitting trot with her but she did give me some tips on how to use my seat to slow her down.  So we worked on me slowing my posting down during the trot to get her to walk.  It was pretty amazing how we could be trotting along at a good working trot, I'd slow down my posting and Toadie would just ease right into a walk within a few steps.  I didn't need to pull back on the reins or use my voice commands or anything! Trainer K. said one of the great things about green (ie: barely trained) horses like Toadie is that they are still sensitive enough to listen to the rider's seat.  Even if they don't know what to make of the reins, they will instinctively slow down when you use your seat correctly.  Then we worked on getting her to stop by tightening my core muscles and the my very top abductor muscles.  That was pretty cool too!  After working on it a few times I was able to ask Toadie to stop without using my reins or voice commands at all!  Pretty nifty!  And what was even cooler is that Toad was so relaxed and proud of herself.

Today my daughter invited two of her friends over to make Christmas cookies.  I didn't even think about it until I showed them how to cut out the sugar cookies and they started talking but one friend is Hindu and the other is Jewish.  So there were a lot of interesting conversations.  Especially because when I pulled out the cookie cutters I realized I had some Hanukkah cookie cutters so the girls talked about Christmas and Hanukkah and a Hindu holiday called something like the Festival of Lights.

I wish it would snow.  I really should live in the Midwest because I've been bemoaning that even though we live in the convergence zone it still hasn't snowed at all yet this winter.  Sigh. 

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