Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Learning to hulu hoop from a 7 year-old.

"Ok mom, first you need to have the hulu hoop totally straight.  You're starting out slanted so let me show you what happens when you start out slanted."  7-year old proceeds to start with slanted hulu hoop and it falls on the ground.  "So, make sure it's straight first off all, then make small circles with your hips like this," 7 year old shows me the right move.  "What you're doing is this," 7 year old flails in what is apparently what I am doing.  "Instead do this ..."  while wiggling her hips in a much smaller way "See ... small circles ... small circles ..."  Hands me the hulu hoop.  "Now you try."  I put the hulu hoop around my waist and she says, "Wait stop!" then adjusts the hulu hoop, eyes me then says, "Ok, straight.  Go ahead and remember small circles ... small circles ..."  I give it a try and flub it badly.  "Ok,  I see you still doing this,"  7 year old flails, "Try doing this," 7 year old makes small circles with her hips.  "Here, do it with me first without the hulu hoop."  We make small circles together with our hips and 7 year old says "Good! You've got it! Now try it with the hulu hoop.  Make sure it's straight first."  I am about to try again and 7 year old says "And remember to relax and breath."  I try to start hulu hooping and 7 year old takes a big breath and lets it out slowly saying "And breeeathe."  I flub again and she says "You're getting it! You just need to keep trying."

I've been schooled.  My girl - the coach.

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  1. I took up hula hooping again a couple years ago (after an approximately 30-year lull). Even went to a couple hula hoop fitness classes. I was TERRIBLE. Until I borrowed the teacher's hula hoop. It was bigger and heavier. I thought all the students were using the heavy ones to get a better work out. Turns out that it's actually something about the physics of it all: our bigger bodies need proportionately bigger hula hoops. I got a new hoop and I was hulaing in no time! Much fun but exhausting. And VERY sore the next day!