Friday, December 2, 2011

Then it would be decimal compliant ...

Back in September I was battling an annoying virus called Subacute Thyroiditis and dealing with the weird symptoms of hyperthyroidism.  Now the virus has finally passed but my thyroid has descended into hypOthyroidism.  I guess I should be honest with myself that the symptoms aren't as annoying.  In fact, I'd say that the only symptom I'm aware of is I've gained about five pounds (part of that may have been our time in N'awlins) and I'm cranky.  I was warned that crankiness is a symptom and I was hoping I would be spared (since I'm already kind of cranky) ... but no.  Sigh.  It's not really so much cranky as just "whiny" feeling.  I feel like everything is just so hard and annoying and I just want to tell everyone - including the kittens - to fuck off and leave me alone while I go lie in bed and not do anything.  I'll be glad when this passes, which they say will be in a couple months.  And if not then they'll put me on thyroid medicine. Gah.

Despite my messed up metabolism (and whatever else the thyroid controls) I am going to rally and go about my day.  Which this morning means heading out to the barn for training with Toad (which I don't even feel like doing ... now that IS weird!) then finishing unpacking and cleaning up the house.  And starting to pull out the Christmas decorations.  It is cheering me up to listen to cheesy Christmas carols this morning.  And I am happy that through href=""> Book Closeouts I now have all my Christmas shopping done for everyone (other than my daughter).  I just need to keep focusing on stuff that makes me feel good and stay away from irritating stuff.  I am going to be cut-throat about staying away from drama for the next couple months because I just can't deal with it right now.  Maybe that would be a good thing to do for my whole life though ... I've had a high tolerance for feeling bad for people and putting up with the drama that comes from being terribly fucked-up and unwilling to overcome that and maybe it's time I just said I'm done with that and if people aren't willing to take care of themselves it's not my problem.  Hmmm ... we'll see if my Protestant guilt will win out or my current inability to deal with irritation will win out.

Meanwhile, my cats seem to be puking a lot lately.  At least they are not trying to eat it like was going on a few months ago when the kittens were younger.  I think the old cat puked a lot while we were gone because he was upset.  He seems to be ok now that we've been back in town the last couple days. One of the kittens puked all over the downstairs this morning which would've worried me, but in the last bout of puking a piece of spider plant came up - so I'm hoping that was the culprit.  My daughter was worried as she left for the bus though and was saying she thought I needed to take her to the vet.  We'll see if she's better now that she's no longer trying to digest our spider plant.  I'm trying to be sympathetic as opposed to annoyed I've had to clean up so much puke.

It was really great to see my horses day before yesterday.  I was so worried that Toadie was going to love Trainer K. more than me now because I'd been gone so long but when I brought her out and put her in the cross ties she kept leaning her head on me and pressing her nose against my chest and letting out huge sighs.  And when I'd rub her neck she'd lean her head into me and not want to take it away.  So, I think she did miss me and is glad to see me. 

While she was in the cross ties though a new horse came in and walked down the hall right in front of her and freaked her out so badly that it wasn't worth riding her because she just stayed freaked out all morning.  The new horse is named Zeke and he's staying at the barn for a few months to be close to his owner (who lives right around the corner) because he has a bad foot injury and the stable where he's boarded is too far away for the owner to be out there all the time.  Zeke is an amazing and beautiful Belgian - which is a draft horse.  Which means he is 18 hands tall - that means that his withers (or shoulders) are 6 feet 1 inches tall.  So when he raises his head his head is 7 feet high.  And his hooves are literally as big as my head.  He's gorgeous and extremely sweet and teddy-bear like, but Toadie had never seen a horse that big before and was quite discombobulated by him.  Hopefully, she's over it today.

So, the subject line ... I was feeling brain-dead and uncommunicative first thing this morning and my daughter kept asking questions like "What if Hanukkah had seven days?" "What if Hanukkah had one day?" and finally she asked, "What if Hanukkah had ten days?" and my husband answered, "Then it would be decimal compliant."

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