Saturday, December 17, 2011

They can smell weakness

I have a horrible cold.  The same one my daughter is just getting over and my poor husband also has.  His seems to be letting up some but then he's also got the immune system of steel compared to my crappy one.  He is off at some hacker/computer game/geek something or another for his work this afternoon.  I am trying to rally but I swear my daughter is having an instinctual need to do everything in her power to piss me off while I'm not feeling well.  There's a "Ha ha! Mom is weak so now is my time to alpha-dog her!" thing going on here.  This is what I get for having a daughter who is just like me. Sigh.  It's either that or she's just acting like she normally does with the whole "You are not the boss of me!" attitude and it's just irritating me more because I feel awful. Probably the latter. But it still could be a mutiny.  Must keep my wits about me.

Since I'm on a roll with complaining, I had a huge stress dream last night that I was ostracized from my family and my husband's family because I don't have a degree from college.  Yes, it's true. I am one of those "high school graduates" on the statistics who a lot of people just immediately write off as stupid/Jerry Springer watchin/Wonder Bread eating losers.  If I were to join a dating site I would immediately be written off by the majority of guys because I am a "high school graduate" as opposed to BA/BS or higher.  Oddly, it has not been a problem for me getting jobs though.  That might be because good bookkeeper/accountants with experience in the legal field are apparently rare around here.  But back to my stress dream, it really was depressing.  And apparently somewhere in me I am still insecure about it.  My latest goal to re-visit math from algebra up is all well and good but in the dream I yelled at my mom that if she's so ashamed of me why doesn't she pay for me to go back to school for a physics degree.  A little part of me was disappointed to wake up and realize that no one is going to pay for me to go back to school for a physics degree with a minor in math.  Oh well.  I can learn it on my own without the enormous college expense.

I stuck my toe into revisiting Algebra yesterday.  It seemed much more simple than it did in 7th grade.  We'll see how I feel about it once I get to Algebra II though.  Calculus seems easier too, but we'll see once I really dive into it.  I also need to get a cohesive answer as to why physics is expressed in math equations.  Why not just in regular language explaining the concepts? Like why can't you say that a ball thrown on an airplane moving at a steady speed reacts in the same way as a ball thrown on the ground?  Why do you need math equations? I'm guessing it is because physics is all about measurements and math is the most efficient way of measuring things.  I asked my science geek husband but he's a chemistry-science geek more than physics so he said to ask our friend, Nathan who is the ultimate science geek and has two BS's in two separate sciences. Or maybe it's three.  I don't remember if he ever got his BS in biology.  That's the other area I want to learn is microbiology.

Even though I have an awful cold I had to drag my sorry ass to the stable to take supplements to the horses and let Toad out to run around the arena and get her ya ya's out.  I took the video camera out with me and Trainer K. took some video of her and although she didn't get her full gallop going that she tries to get sometimes she did get some of her bucks out.  I think she looks really pretty when she's just running around playing.  Here is part of the video.  When I downloaded it the quality was really not good at all but I don't feel like messing with iMovie right now.  You can still how pretty she is when she's running around like a little kid.  And you can see what I look like dressed in about five layers in thirty degree weather with a nasty cold.  I'm surprised I didn't do a face plant right in the middle of the arena.


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