Monday, January 16, 2012

Honey, would you like to borrow my shotgun?

Yes, I really did overhear one neighbor say that to another this evening.  And it makes me want to say again "I love my neighborhood!!!"

We did get a bit of snow up here which was really cool.  There was enough yesterday that by 11am kids in the neighborhood were outside sledding down the hill in front of our house.  The highlight was not just getting to sled with the kids (I'm amazed that I didn't see many other parents sledding - a couple dads but that's it) ... anyway, the highlight was taking my neighbor's 2 year old daughter down on the sled in front of me and then watching her pitch a fit until her dad agreed to take her down on the sled with him again and again.  That was pretty cute!  And I tried out one of the kid snowboards that the boys had out.  That was a catastrophe.  I gave one of the dads my iPhone and said, "Take some pictures so I can explain it better when I go to the ER." After a few minutes of me falling down every time the snowboard moved he said, "I'd take a picture if you could stand up long enough!"

We ventured out of our little icy neighborhood late morning to go to the barn to see my horses.  When we got to the highway it was completely clear and I really only had a little bit of a problem going down the last incline just before the turn-off to the driveway into the stable.  I started to slide a little and when I put on the brakes even a little it seemed to make it worse.  But we never actually slid or skidded and we got into the driveway ok.  I had my husband drive on the way out and duh ... it is much easier to drive up the same incline in a all-wheel drive than to drive down.  It was good to get out and see the horses though since they say it's supposed to snow tomorrow and the next day.  I foresaw myself going through horse withdrawal.

My new lunge whip turned out to be awesome.  I showed it to Trainer K. and she picked it up and said, "Ooooh ... this is nice!" which is always fun to have someone else realize why something completely random to 95% of the people I know but is super cool to me.  Toad was apparently looney-tunes this morning in turn-out, so as I expected she was very mellow when I took her out to work.  She stood nicely and quietly while I groomed her and when I took her out to free lunge she rolled a couple times, did a few bucks and quicks turns around the arena at a gallop, and then settled right into doing her circles around me with walk/trot transitions to voice commands.  She was a little on-edge though because it had started snowing again and every now and then a little bit of falling snow would get blown in through an open space in the arena walls and she would act like it was going to kill her if it touched her.  Then T. showed up with a friend and Toadie pranced up to the arena door to get some attention from them.  I thought she would feel more secure on the lunge line and she seemed to.  It was easier to get her attention back when the snow would blow in so she wouldn't go off on her spiral of "Snow will KILL ME!!! AAAAGH!"  She did freak out a couple times and at one somebody outside dropped something and snow blew in at her at the same time and she bucked as far up in the air with her back legs as she could, put her head down and started galloping wildly across the arena.  I dug my heals into the ground and held on while saying, "You're fine. Knock it off. Slooooow down. Slooooow down," and she managed to actually drag me a couple feet like I was waterskiing.  Then the pressure of me hanging on freaked her out and she did a super-sharp turn and her legs started to fly out from under her and I said, "You're going to tip over if you keep this up.  Wouldn't you rather calm down?" and she came to her senses and started trotting again.  Of course, once T. came in with Temple, Toad calmed down even more because there was another horse and that horse is completely unphased by silly things like snow and wind and flying branches and bombs going off and nuclear explosions.  Another reason why I think Temple probably has a lot of Mustang because she's so freakishly calm.

The National Weather Service claims we will get a lot more snow tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday, but they said we were going to get more snow today too so I'm not sure that will happen.  I guess if it does snow again I'll have to head out tomorrow and try to snowboard again.

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