Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parasitic dinosaurs ... parasitic me.

On a positive writing note, I put aside an hour yesterday to do some writing. I didn't feel inspired to work on any of my fiction ideas so I started my memoirs just to get writing.  I realize two things after working on that for awhile:  1) I can't imagine why anyone would want to read my memoirs since I'm not famous so who cares what I've been doing the last forty years and 2) it's kind of upsetting to revisit one's childhood in great detail.

Luckily, this morning while walking the pitbull through the woods I had another fiction story idea. This time for a tween-ish story.  My daughter is really into book series right now like Rainbow Magic and Pet Pals.  So, I've been trying to think of an idea for a series of tween stories.  A few years ago when I met Mary Nethery I was very inspired to write kid books.  The other inspiration is the sad lack of really good kid books.  But every time I would try to write a chapter book it would devolve into too weird.  The same thing happened when I tried to write "chick lit".  I figured there was a genre that was sadly lacking in good literature and honestly if Jane Austen can write awesome "chick lit" surely someone in modern times could do it too.  But every story line I started quickly devolved into weird too ... I just couldn't seem to write anything that didn't involve demons, serial killers or stalkers.

But I think I have a good idea for a tween book that I can keep on the tween level.  So, during today's half hour of writing I will focus on that.  I say half hour because I have so much work to do for my paying job and I need to get out to see my horses this morning because I haven't been out there since Sunday because I've been so busy.

Yesterday I had put aside an entire hour for writing but I only got in 45 minutes because I forgot that my Jehovah Witnesses were stopping by.  Yes, I have developed a strange little 20-minutes a week friendship with our neighborhood Jehovah Witnesses.  I actually really like them as people.  To be honest I've met quite a few Jehovah Witnesses and on the whole they are generally a very nice group of people.  And they'll talk endlessly about the Apocalypse and I find that subject fascinating.  And what I find more fascinating is that Jehovah Witnesses and Born-Again Christians do not agree on the Apocalypse at all.  In fact, they get quite worked up about how the other is wrong and would - if in the same room - sling Bible verses back and forth like flaming arrows to prove the other wrong.

Yesterday I asked what they thought about the Rapture and got the huge eye-rolling scoff and "Well, there is no Biblical basis for that!" so I asked, "Where did they get it from," and one said, "I think I know the verse," and the other said, "It's the Twinkling, isn't it?" and rolled his eyes and the first scoffed, "Yes, the twinkling," then let out a big sigh.  So, they showed me the verse in the Bible that people have used with them to prove that when the Rapture comes the "Righteous" will be physically poofed up to Heaven in an instant.  I did not say "How does that make less sense than Jesus coming in the form of a man, battling Satan, in the form of a man and then the Earth being a completely peaceful place where the Righteous shall live out eternity in peace with no death?"  But I didn't want to be rude.

You may be wondering what I think about the Apocalypse.  Or you may not.  But I'm going to tell you anyway.  I don't think we're going to have a Biblical Armageddon or Apocalypse.  But I do think humans are not a sustainable species. I think we're an extremely parasitic species.   Our only predators are diseases and we don't give back to the Earth at all.  When we die our bodies are embalmed and put in hermetically sealed boxes so we don't even feed the soil.  And if we did we have so many plastic/toxic parts (silicone implants, pacemakers, botox all the chemical medicines we take and chemicals we eat that is marketed as food) we wouldn't be very good for the soil.  The most sustainable way to dispose of ourselves when we die is cremation but that is at best "not hurting stuff" - it's not giving back to the Earth at all.  So, I think our days as a species are numbered because the Earth just can't sustain us forever.  Of course, if you look at the process of evolution with dinosaurs and other species, I'd imagine we have at least another million years to be parasitic before we all die out.

So, I don't think there is going to be a battle between Jesus and Satan (except maybe in a completely figurative sense if you're talking about the metaphor between an individual's own struggle between good and evil) but I do think our species will one day die out because much as people try to deny it, the strongest laws on the Earth are the laws of nature and no matter how hard we try, we are biological animals and our way of living is not sustainable forever in this environment.  Someday sentient cockroaches will have giant skeletal exhibits of the giant humans on display in their museums in a couple billion years.  And they'll probably get it all wrong with us too and have old hunched over grandma skeletons being the "fearsome predators" like the lumbering, tiny-armed scavenger Tyrannosaurus was wrongly labeled a "fearsome predator" for so long.

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