Monday, February 6, 2012

Well I just jumped off that cliff again ...

My poor husband likes to take changes very slowly and cautiously and I have a little more trouble with being patient and tend to ruminate on things for awhile and then just suddenly get up and take a running jump off the cliff.  As my husband says he's evolution and I'm revolution.

I've been ruminating for awhile now that it would be best for me and for the company I work for if I left and found them a new person and found me a new job.  And before I knew it I was giving my notice at work today.  I took the co-worker I am the closest too out for a walk to tell her alone and she grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug.  But that will be ok because we can stay friends outside of work and that will be even better.  But then I told my boss and he looked like I just kicked him in the face. That made me feel *really* bad.  So bad in fact that I felt a little teary-eyed and thought of saying, "Wait! Never mind! I'll stay! I like you guys!"  But the truth is I have a picture in my head of the best employee for them and a picture in my head of a better job for me.  For one thing, I would really like to work a little closer to home (ie: not an hour or more drive when traffic is bad and forty-five minutes when traffic isn't bad).  But I also really want to work with animals or at least be working outside or something more in nature.  And if I can't do that, at least working closer to home will cut down on commute time and give me more time to be out in nature and with my horses.  This month is so busy that I will probably end up working twice my normal hours and I gave them a month's notice, so that means financially I will be ok for two months to look for a new job.

I told my boss I'd do all the initial interviews and weed through all the candidates so that he only has to interview the most qualified so that will be interesting.  I've helped at other jobs going through resumes and interviewing and it's kind of fun.  Not something I'd want to do for a living but as a novelty it's interesting.  I just find people interesting so getting a piece of paper with a snapshot of a stranger's life is always interesting to me.

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