Tuesday, March 20, 2012

North by Northwest ...

I had aspired to get out to the barn to do my practice ride with Misty in fifteen minutes but somehow that isn't working out quite as planned.  Part of the reason is I want to finish my coffee and sit for a few more minutes.  I've added walking the dog through the loop in the woods every morning and that sucked up some time I thought I had.

I think I've posted this link to this song before but I was reminded of it again last week when following a thread on a friend's Facebook page about how her neighbors are upset because her daffodils on the side of her driveway sometimes touch their pant's leg when they get out of their car in their driveway.  And it is very upsetting for them.  Another neighbor wants them to take down a tree because it is too close to their (my friend's) house and that means that (according to the neighbors) my friend's will now get a bad rat problem which will then pass on to all the neighbor's houses.  All because there is a tree on their property and it is kind of close to their (my friend's) house.  Ugh.  This is just a few blocks from where we used to live in the city.  It reminded me about how much B.S. went on in my life from PTA mom's and neighbors when we lived there.  And these upper-middle-class liberals.  The type of people that I aspired to be when I was little teenage punk rocker rebelling against the "moral majority" and right-wing fundamentalist Christians.  Now I think there is a new type of people to rebel against and that's the stick-up-the-ass-faux-liberals.  They think because they dress "alternative" and feel sorry for homeless people that they are super-enlightened and float above the rest.  But they're not real liberals.  They don't actually have any friends who are different from them (ie: rich, white, full-of-shit).  And if they do it's because they're being charitable and being friends with the immigrant or the token gay-couple (that is really only there to boost their liberal-cred).  It is really quite disgusting.  They're just as bad as the freaky far-right Tea-partiers only on the other side of the spectrum.  And I like that song because it validates what I see as the Faux-Liberal-Seattle-hypocrisy (or FLS).  My Pentacostal neighbor is more open and accepting than some of my old FLS neighbors.

So, yeah, very happy to not be living there anymore or having my daughter at that school anymore.  I've been helping my new boss research public schools in her school district because she's not happy with her son's private school and it's really nice to be finding good curriculums and good social programs in the districts out here (lots of anti-bullying programs).  Oddly enough, in a good portion of the schools the ethnic diversity is a lot higher than in Seattle.  If you are in North Seattle is very white, if you are in South Seattle it is very black/immigrant.  Which would be diverse except you lack the white component and "all minority" just makes for "minority as the majority" as opposed to diverse.

Do you people not from Seattle know why Seattle is so segregated? It is because of a couple things.  Part of it is that during World War II this area housed some of the Japanese concentration camps, so even by the 70's when I was a little kid there was still a very strong anti-Japanese sentiment among some not-so-enlightened folks.  But it is also because up until the last 60's (within the very first portion of my life even!) many neighborhoods in Seattle had covenants that said that "Jewish, Oriental and Blacks" were not allowed to buy or rent homes in those neighborhoods.  It wasn't until the late 60's that it became illegal to enforce those covenants.  But some of the house titles of older homes still actually say that on the deeds unless new owners have taken action to have that wording removed.  Listen to the song - it makes it very clear how Seattle has done a lot to airbrush over our scandalous recent past regarding race, but all it has done is create a layer of silence and hypocrisy giving people the impression we are so much better than the Deep South.  But Seattle has a long way to go.  And I guess the punk rocker still lives on in me because despite all the protestation I hear around me that Seattle is so liberal compared to anywhere East of us, I know it's all pretty bells and whistles and in many senses we are just Alabama dressed in hipster clothes.

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