Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dipping my toe into Stepforwifedom

I'm having a Mary Kay party today.  I asked my new boss if she'd like to come and she said "Normally that's a little too Stepford Wife for me, but I'm going to trust you on this and try to come."  My husband's response to that was, "Honey, isn't it a little too Stepford Wife for *you*?"  Actually, I went to one about sixteen years ago with a girl we knew from the neighborhood when we lived on Capitol Hill.  Her name was Euphoria.  It was actually kind of fun.  If you can have fun at a Mary Kay party with a hippie girl named Euphoria, you can have fun anywhere.

I'm not sure if everyone knows what the Stepford Wives is.  It is actually a novel from the 1970's that was later made into a movie with two sequels and then a remake in 2004.  I think these mass marketing programs like Party Lite, Mary Kay, and Avon are more just a homegrown side of capitalism than anything to do with submitting to the patriarchy.  In some ways they are good (if you're a natural salesperson) and in others they aren't because I think they encourage young people who aren't good salespeople to try doing it and then don't support them enough and they fail miserably and sometime lose money in the process.  But I have seen people who are good at sales do well at them.  I myself completely suck at sales which is why I stay far away from anything like that.

It was actually my neighbor, S.'s idea we host one when I said we really needed to have a "girl's night" in the neighborhood soon.  I think it's just a good excuse to act girly - which I so rarely do.  S. is helping me get in touch with that side of me again though.  She took me shopping for make-up on my birthday and got so excited to tell me all about make-up and skin care that her enthusiam was a little contagious.  Of course, I've only worn make-up once since then because I really don't need to wear it to work or the barn or volunteering at school (mostly because I think it looks weird on me and I like how I look without it better).  It's ok if we're going somewhere fancy but I just don't think I look like myself if I wear it in normal daily life.

I'm kind of glad I'm taking a day off from barn duties and gardening and all the other stuff I do that actually takes lots of energy and physical activity.  Yesterday's riding lesson was a huge work-out and my back is actually pretty sore, as are my triceps (?).  We worked on standing up in the saddle (not standing on the saddle - standing up with my feet in the stirrups) and balancing without using my hands to steady myself or hold myself up. I'm getting a little better at it.  Then we did a whole bunch of quick sitting trot, rising trot, canter transitions.  Like literally, a few steps rising trot, a few steps sitting trot, canter for half the 20 meter circle, then back to rising trot.  We were working on my seat and getting my posture in the correct position during my transitions - no pitching forward when we slow to rising trot from canter for instance.  So, it was a lot like doing pilates on a moving horse.

I think what added to that unfortunately, was that I also took a nasty fall night before last.  No, not off a horse - much more ridiculous.  The pitbull had an accident on the entry hall carpet (grrr) and I'd cleaned it up with what we call "smelly stuff" (enzyme stain/smell remover).  We used to just put a cloth over it to dry, or some newspaper or paper towels but then the kittens get confused and come along and pea on it.  So, we put our daughter's step stool over it to dry.  Right before bed I turned off all the lights so it was almost pitch dark downstairs, but I could kind of see where I was going through light coming in through the window above our front door - no big deal, right?  So, I'm shuffling along to bed with my big glass of ice water I had just poured and my foot caught in the little dent at the bottom of the footstool mid-step, which pitched me forward into the air so I went up and came down right on my left shoulder while trying to catch myself with my left arm - since my right arm was in the middle of being pitched forward with my glass sending water and ice flying throughout the entry hall.  Sigh.

Ok, off to clean up the house for my foray-into-the-girly.

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