Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home again ... home again...

Good lord there is a lot of unpacking to do this morning.  But it's good to be home with all my pets.  I don't know how people live without pets.  I guess they don't stress about trying to get all the animal fur off their couches every time they have company. That would actually be really nice.  But in general it makes me so happy to wake up in the morning to a kitten walking on my head and purring incredibly loudly about the fact that we are home.  The pitbull came home from the kennel this morning and is sprawled on one of the chairs, happily sleeping - probably more soundly than she did the whole time she was at the kennel.

We left the grow light the whole time we were gone (usually we turn it off at night but we figured it was better to leave it on the whole time than off the whole time) and now my plant starts are huge!  I need to get out this weekend and plant my bean starts because they are outgrowing even their larger seedling pots.  I hope the last frost has finally come and gone although with this year it is really hard to say.  Even my cantaloupes have started to sprout.

I also can't wait to see Toad - who I have not seen for a whole week.  I'm heading out there in about an hour.  That said, I should get off my butt and start unpacking and then dive into my Spring cleaning I want to do over the weekend.  But my motivation is so low.  I slept pretty well on vacation and the mysterious stomach pains I was having before we left went away - and once again last night I had trouble sleeping and by this morning the mysterious stomach pains were back.  I think I need to try and identify what it is that is stressing me out so much at home lately to the point where it's causing me pain.

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