Sunday, April 22, 2012

I kissed a girl ...

Hey - got your attention, huh?

Actually, we were watching a Glee episode the other night and that is a Katy Perry song that is stuck in my head.  There is actually a much better song by the same name but it was not pop enough to make it onto Glee. And an interesting drama unfolded in the neighborhood while we were on vacation.  My friend who had to flee the state with her children and a protection order is doing great but sadly for our neighborhood her ex. still lives here and hates all of us who wrote statements to the court (upon the court's request of us).  Apparently he's planning to sue us for defamation of character.  And one of his allegations is that I had an affair with his ex-wife/my friend which is why he did certain things.  This is amazing to my group of friends here, but not as much as it is to the ex-wife and me.  Our group of friends believe us that we didn't but of course it's natural to have a shadow of doubt.  Whereas the ex-wife and I actually know it didn't happen so it's even more amazing to us.  My husband has said (and he'll seriously do this) that if this ever went to court and those allegations came out that he would get up on the stand and say under oath, "I wish! Do you know how many years I've been trying to convince her to bring another woman to our bed!"  Hee ... I love my husband!

I was very happy to see Toad on Thursday and I think she was very happy to see me.  She tried to whack me in the stomach with her nose a bunch of times which is her way of saying "I love you," which does not work and we need to work on new ways for her to say that because it is completely inappropriate and knocks me over.  I took her out to groom her first thing and she did a lot of huge, happy sighs so I think she was happy to see me.  It's finally starting to get nice out and not be drizzling/raining all the time so we are getting regular daily walks outside and I'm seeing a lot of improvement.  She's still very anxious but she is remembering more often to walk politely beside me instead of pulling.  Yesterday she even stood quietly when the owner drove by in his tractor (as long as she was facing him - she panicked when we turned around to walk away before he was past).

I planted some bean starts outside yesterday because they are getting too big for the little pots they were in inside - and I actually need those pots to transplant my tomato starts and bok choy starts.  I also planted some pea seeds outside and I'm hoping the last frost has come and gone so they will survive.  After planting the tree in our next door neighbor's yard for them I am inspired and want to send my husband out to get a tree for our front yard.  My only complaint about our little yard and our house is that the lazy-ass developers who built our row of houses completely destroyed the land our house is on.  They cut down every single tree and filled the land with their construction waste, then covered it with topsoil  Our house has a big enough yard they didn't have to cut down all the trees (in my opinion - maybe for permits they did).  But since it's only six years old we don't have any big trees in our actual yard.  Granted there is a forest behind us, but I want some in our yard, especially the front yard.  So, a tree for us it is!

My next door neighbor's memorial is today and we're going to support his wife and show our respect.  I've been feeding their cat and when I went in to the house for the first time since we've been back the other day I was overwhelmed at how sad and empty it felt.  It had an eerie "time has stopped" feeling because so much of the husband's stuff was just as it was before he went to the hospital.  I went and sat in his chair for awhile and just looked around and tried to process that he had actually died while we were in Arizona.  It is just really sad.  I hope his wife stays in the house but it's too early to know what she will need to do for herself.  I think the most profound thing I felt was the emptiness of the house and how the husband's spirit wasn't even there anymore.  But I believe that is because he is with his wife where ever she goes right now.  I think that was the best way to describe the sadness of the house, even with all his things still there, including the hospice stuff like oxygen tanks and medication charts, there was a profound emptiness.  I'm sure when his wife comes back and as she heals from her loss that feeling will go away and the house will seem warm and inviting like it did when they both were living there.

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