Sunday, April 1, 2012

If only I could draw cartoons ...

My husband is really good at drawing cartoons but I do not have that talent.  As he puts it I can draw horses anatomically correct so it's only a small step to draw them as cartoons.  Unfortunately, that's easy for him to say as someone who's talented at drawing cartoons.  I think it's a lot easier just to draw what you see in front of you then to translate it into a comic character that is endearing and cute.

He mentioned that he thought I should draw cartoons about Toadie when I told him one of the dopey things she did today.  We were actually doing really well this morning when I went to go work with her.  She had fun free-lunging then very politely came up to me when we were done and went for a walk outside with me which went surprisingly well with her - most of the time - walking politely on the lead rope.  She did get in my space a little when I expected her to walk through a big puddle and she thought it would be better to start quivering and crawl in my arms in hopes that I would carry her across it.  But we got past that.  The two groom rooms were being used when we got back and she had hay in her stall and I wanted to put her bridle on to do some lunging (it seemed like setting her up for failure to try to put her bridle on when there was a fresh flake of hay in her stall) so I put her in the extra stall that is sometimes used as a groom room.  She thought that was a little weird, but after a full grooming in there she was very relaxed and seemed to think of it as a good place to be.  Then she was great on the lunge line - calm, polite, tried really hard to do everything perfectly.

Then we went back to the "overflow" groom room and as usual I put her halter, attached to one cross tie, around her neck while I was taking off her bridle.  Unlike the other groom rooms there are no hooks or shelves in the extra one so I had my cloth bag of grooming supplies sitting on the floor in front of the open door and I reached around to hang the bridle on the hook on the outside of the door.  The barn owner was feeding grain to the other horses and Toad completely forgot her manners and decided that the split second I took a step out of the door to hang her bridle was her queue to run out of the groom room and back to her stall to eat.  Only problem was, she still had the halter around her neck attached to one cross tie aaaand ... the cloth bag with my grooming supplies was in front of the doorway.

So, Toadie took a couple running steps to try and bolt out of the groom room and just as the halter/cross tie combination stopped her around her neck, her right front foot landed right in my bag of grooming supplies (which of course meant "Monster's got my foot!") so she threw her foot up in the air thus throwing shedding blade, brushes, curry combs and hoof picks flying in the air (which translated to "Monsters raining down on me!" so she jumped back, all my stuff clattered to the ground and she tried to rear up but the top of the doorway was in the way, so she hopped backward up against the back wall of the groom room and turned to look at me like, "Maaaama! Comfort me!"  Sigh.

Trainer K. came by and asked "What are you guys doing in here?" and I told her what had happened and she laughed and Toad looked at us like we were the most heartless, cruel people in the world not to be comforting her after her traumatic ordeal.  We told her it served her right.

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