Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost count ... maybe it drowned in phlegm

I've lost count of how many days I haven't been eating wheat, but I think maybe it has been a week.  And I think I might be feeling a little better.  Although it's hard to tell because I have a terrible cold.  It's not the worst cold I've ever had, I'd say it's probably the second worst because I actually had a fever (which rarely ever happens to me anymore).  But I think my stomach is feeling better.  That is good news and bad news.  Good news because it would be nice to feel better and bad news because WTF! Never eat wheat anymore? How am I supposed to go out to dinner and have dinner at friend's houses? I'm going to be that annoying person who can't eat anything that the typical American cooks! Sigh.  I'll have to move to Mexico or Asia.

Actually, it hasn't been hard at all this week for me not to eat wheat.  I can still eat Phad Thai and Rad Nar (rice noodles!) and I replaced pasta with polenta (yuuuum! Love polenta!) and I've been making gluten-free bread which is easy to make and pretty tasty.  I also found some fairly inexpensive wheat free crackers although I think I'll just make some.  I've been making sandwiches with corn tortillas instead of bread and I even splurged on some wheat free pancake mix which made perfectly good pancakes.  The only hard part is my love of pastries.  I have yet to find any decent wheat-free pastries.  I'm going to have to start experimenting with baking.  First off is going to be banana bread. Then pie.  Yuuuum. Pie.

My daughter has been sick too.  Actually sicker than me.  She had a fever for four days and it appears to have finally gone away today.  Not that I can tell.  I got a temporal lobe thermometer and that thing is all over the board.  One reading she has a 101 fever and five minutes later it's 98.6.  I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong*. 

Because of all the illness in our house I am going through some horse withdrawal because between me and her I haven't been out to work with Toadie since Thursday.  Saturday I had to take more hay pellets to the barn so I stayed long enough to take her for a walk outside - just down the driveway and up the street alittle - but my husband was off at some art-thingie all day so my daughter had to hang out in the car and play on the iPad (she said she didn't feel up to going in the barn and saying hi to the horses).  Then Sunday - yesterday - the fever and worst cold symptoms hit me and were still hanging on today.  Not enough Toadie time.  Although, apparently things were very exciting at the barn today because it was so windy.  It was pretty crazy windy at our house because at one point the garbage cans on our street went flying by our house.  That was impressive.  Trainer K. said Toadie actually did really well despite the crazy wind and only had one big freak-out while Trainer K. was doing a training ride.  She apparently leaped a little and scooted but Trainer K. said she physically stopped quickly even though she continued to be scared.  I think having me and/or Trainer K. with her gives her courage though. And I'm proud of how I've seen her really start to grow up and slowly learn how to manage her reactions to her spooks.

In other random news we put up a basketball hoop finally.  I started out putting it together last Saturday and I thought I was doing really well until it came to actually mounting the backboard.  Then it just didn't look right.  I couldn't find my husband so I went next door and got my neighbor's husband (also an engineer like my husband) and asked if he could advise me on what I'd done wrong.  He looked at the directions a long time, looked at the hoop a long time, then my husband showed up and he looked at the directions a long time, looked at the hoop a long time ... then over an hour later the two of them together finally figured it out and got it up.  Part of the problem was the weird Chinese directions with no words only pictures trying to convey what they were trying to say.  It was like getting all your directions for building it from a game of charades.

The minute the hoop was finished the little boys in the neighborhood all congregated in our front yard to shoot baskets and were very excited.  One of the moms even called me to tell me her son had been jumping up and down squealing "---- got a new basketball hoop!!!"  This afternoon my daughter was so stir-crazy that I agreed to let her go outside and shoot baskets.  She was out there until she literally got a cramp in her hand.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and would literally spend hours upon hours upon days shooting baskets, or hitting the tennis ball against the garage door.  Which reminds me that I need to get it together and go out and buy a new tennis racket because I finally found someone (my new employer) who will play tennis with me this summer!  Trainer K. will too if she ever has time (which is unlikely).  But two incredibly busy tennis partners are better than none!

*After downloading the PDF manual (yes - that's right, these thermometers have a manual) I finally found out why the readings on my daughter seem falsely high.  She has really long bangs, and apparently bangs will give a falsely high reading.  Weird.

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