Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On an unexpected bandwagon

I'm trying something new (for me) today that I never expected I would try.  I'm going to attempt to not eat any wheat for a couple weeks.  Not gluten - just wheat.  I had a blood test awhile ago that showed that I do not have celiac disease, but for my whole life I've had chronic stomachaches and they seem to be getting worse so something is not working right down there.  Add to that I have chronic sinus congestion and after a little research it looked like the most likely culprit for those two symptoms are some sort of food intolerance.  I figured I'd start with the most common (wheat) since I already don't eat dairy except for cheese and yogurt and those don't seem to have any effect when I do or don't eat them.  If wheat doesn't work I will try eliminating all dairy for a couple weeks (that will be hard - urgh!) And if that doesn't work I'll try eliminating nuts.  After that I can't think of anything I eat on  regular basis that is common for people to have an intolerance too.

Today is my first day and it's already a little annoying since I have not really stocked up on wheat free foods.  And I ran out of yogurt without realizing it.  And we've gone a ton of wheat-based stuff that I seem to be the only person in the family who eats and if it turns out that wheat is the culprit I'll need to give that away.  Did you know Cheerios even has wheat in it as opposed to just oats?  Much as I'd like to physically feel better and know what's going on I am kind of hoping it is not wheat or dairy.  How about if it's something random like cauliflower or broccoli? Or rye.  Or sesame seeds.  I guess we'll see.  Obviously, it's only been half a day but I haven't noticed any difference.  Good lord - I hope it's not a coffee intolerance.  I think that might kill me.  Coffee and gossip are my last remaining vices!  Aaaargh!

Somehow I have to schedule in time to make a big grocery store run to stock up on corn tortillas and rice flour and look up lots of recipes of stuff to make with rice.  I made a loaf of bread last night but it didn't turn out that well.  I had to replace soy flour and half the white rice flour with this "all-purpose gluten free flour" (I had all of that left over from making bread last Thanksgiving because my sister-in-law and brother don't eat wheat - but that sounds like it is because her naturopath has a theory that wheat is not a natural food for humans to eat because it's only been around for the last 2k years as a food source.  Unlike energy drinks from Whole Foods and soy crackers from Trader Joes.  Because those are so natural and the original humans ate them ... Ok ... I am seriously digressing ...).  Anyway, the bread didn't turn out as well as it did at Thanksgiving so I need to get the right kind of flour if I'm going to do that again.   I'm also regretting that I gave Trainer K. my pasta maker now (which hadn't been used in twenty years).  She's trying to do the same thing for the same reason and after a couple weeks she said her stomach is feeling a lot better.  She also ate Cheetos without realizing the had wheat in them the other day and they made her very sick.  So, sadly, she appears to have confirmed that hers is a wheat intolerance.  I know other people though who tried taking wheat out of their diet to see if it helped chronic stomach aches and it didn't help at all.  So, we will see.  It could go either way for me.

I'll be curious to see how this goes with my other current attempt which is to lose the 10 pounds I gained during the hypothyroid phase.  I noticed today there is a lot of chocolate products that do not contain wheat.  That's not helpful.

In horse news, I rode Misty in a practice ride this morning and that left me feeling like the biggest novice rider in the world.  She was in a pissy mood and full of herself and some sort of rodeo-bug.  Trainer K. told me to lunge her first but I said I didn't have time.  After fifteen minutes of fighting with her at the end of our ride Trainer K. said that she had once been told that a good thing to put on someone's gravestone is "I just didn't have time to lunge my horse today ..."

Misty was a little difficult at first - Trainer K. was on Tasha and Penny was being ridden by her owner, and they stopped at one side of the arena to talk to the barn owner and Misty kept trying to go over to the barn owner and just stand there asking for pets.  So, we had some fights about that.  But then we got going at a posting trot and she was doing great.  Tasha and Penny left the arena and we were still doing really well at the posting trot and I thought, "What the heck - we'll do a little canter!"  But since Misty is not my horse I have specific instructions to only canter when I say so (never let her decide to) and only canter if she does a nice, quiet transition.  So, as soon as I asked her to canter she lowered her head way down, kicked her legs out and bolted.  When I corrected her and told her we had to back to the walk she started throwing her head around like crazy.  When we finally got back to a semi-sane walk, I asked her to trot (which she did ok) and then asked her to canter - which was even worse this time.  She let out a big kick with her hind legs, started throwing her head around and bolted.  This time when I asked her to walk, she wouldn't and instead started dancing off to the side and trying to spin.  I tried shortening the reins and asking for a walk and she bucked a couple times, then started to walk but would have nothing to do with steering and instead started trying to dance off to the side that I was not asking her to go.  It was all discombobulated mess with me feeling like I was doing everything wrong and forgetting everything that was "correct" (like posture, where my arms and hands were, etc).  Finally, I managed to get her to walk nicely in a 20 meter circle and trot nicely in a 20 meter circle and no cantering for us.  Guess I learned my lesson that if there is time to ride, there is time to lunge.   I did learn that my default when the horse is acting like that is the completely wrong thing to do.  With Girlfriend my default was to say "Fine, let's just run and get it out of your system" and then race around the arena a coupla-20 times until she wasn't quite so wild.  But it did not occur to me that by doing that I was rewarding bad behavior.  Ooops!

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