Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weather changed has actually knocked me on my butt a little from the rheumatoid arthritis. I'm having a flare-up even though I took my Enbrel a couple days ago. It's making it a little hard to stay motivated but I'm trying to move around enough in the morning to loosen things up and hopefully get some energy back.  I may need to break down and take some ibuprofen which I've been trying not to do in order to spare my stomach.

Anyway, I'm still glad that summer is right around the corner. We've gotten some sunny days for work in the yard and inspiration for the sunny weather. And the reality is, this is perfect timing for rain this week because we bought a new tree (which I LOVE) for the front yard and it will help having rain to water it the first week instead of having to make sure we remember.  It's a Stewardia - which I'd never heard of. It's similar to a Dogwood but the flowers are a little smaller and they are an interesting orange/red color as opposed to pink or white. Plus, they are hardier in our climate and they are hardier in our growing conditions - which is non-draining clay soil that even if you amend it also makes a bowl of water around the amended soil when it rains a lot.

My spinach is starting to sprout in The Secret Garden (my garden on the side of the house that is surrounded by a super tall fence and most people don't even realize is there). Some of the bok choi I put out a few weeks ago is coming back well. My eye doctor (of all people!) who is an avid gardener said that bok choi and lettuce both like cold and wet so I actually may have put them out too late - whereas I thought I put them out too early. The peas of course are doing great.  Peas are super easy beginner plants around here.  I need to get out and plant some carrots and see hot that goes this year.  I have that optimistic delusion that this time my carrots will grow! I am planting them earlier than I usually do so maybe.  My mom says that carrots need a ton of water so I'll try that this year too.

Speaking of a ton of water, a month or so ago we got my daughter a Venus fly trap for her room. It is doing well - we keep it in her window which gets the south sunlight and we keep it really well watered (every day in fact).  The problem is, although it is small, it is not quite small enough to catch all the fruit flies it has attracted.  So, we decided to get it a friend and got a pitcher plant to put next to it. So far it has not eaten all of the fruit flies, but I have noticed they have left Venie (as my daughter named the plant) and are now hanging out on the outside of the pitcher plant.  And a few (yay!) have already gotten stuck and drowned in the pitcher plant.  Yep, we're building a whole ecosystem on my daughter's windowsill.  But no frogs. 

I still hold up to my "no frogs in the house" rule.  Although we are gearing up toward June and July when they take on plague like proportions outside. I am already seeing them every where when I go to work in the garden. The bunnies are all out too and see them especially at dusk lurking around the community garden behind our house.  I really need to get the rabbit fencing up around there before this weekend when the strawberries start to ripen because that's when they really descend.

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