Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Horses, rants ... what's new

Trainer K.'s old "back in the wild days" friend, Gigi, is back in her life and comes to hang out in the mornings at the barn before her riding lesson on Wednesdays now.  This has brought a whole new level of fun to Wednesdays training.  I feel like she and Trainer K. are my horse-girl-kid-clique for my second childhood.  I am still getting over "the second worst cold I've ever had" so I wasn't planning on doing much for training today.  But I was inspired to ride Toad for the last ten minutes of her training despite that I was sure I would be too fatigued (haven't been sleeping well for coughing).  Trainer K. and Gigi were very sweet and tried to get photos of me and Toad from their phones but Toad was not complying with posing nicely and I'm wearing many layers so I look very ... Jabba-the-Hut on a pretty Thoroughbred.  But I'm just glad to have more pictures of me and my girl.

Meanwhile, in a phlegm induced fit of poor judgment I got into a debate with a guy on Facebook who is a member of Occupy Seattle and is one of the "anarchists" who were running around downtown Seattle yesterday breaking windows in building and smashing up people's cars downtown.  One person even spray painted a big Anarchy A on someone's Porsche (they probably thought they were so cool for that).  What do I think about that? I think it's stupid and the people doing it are a bunch of loser bozos who want to get caught up in the excitement and let loose and be violent and then try to justify it by saying it's for a good cause.  Well, gee, here's a thought - how about I break into your crappy, dingy little apartment, smash your bong on the floor and spray paint "Grow the fuck up!" across your Mexican woven blanket on your futon?  I think that is justified too.  Will it work to get you to grow up and go to therapy and stop wasting everyone's time and our tax money on having to fix the windows in the Federal Building and extra police forces to come out and try and keep the peace because some toddlers masquerading as adults are throwing a huge tantrum?

Now you might thing that I don't agree with what these immature bozos want.  The truth is I agree with the little bit of semi-coherent crap that they actually managed to spew out in between lots of screaming and hysterics that really just make me think they need to be medicated.  This is after all one of my favorite songs.  My mother is a "fallen Republican" (she started going liberal around the time of the first elder Bush presidency) and a couple years when I asked my dad if he was still affiliated as a Democrat he said he'd more describe himself as a "social revolutionary".  I'm somewhere along the lines of supporting a socialist democracy with complete religious freedom.  Sweden but with more acceptance of all religions (even the crazy ones).   I would love to dismantle our incredibly corrupt government and I believe the corruption is on both the parties sides.  I think we need some sort of massive change to make this country sustainable and to make life better for all our citizen.  Like stop corporate greed and as one of my favorite sayings going around the internet says "I'll accept corporations have just as many rights as humans once Texas executes one!"

But, I draw the line at violence just for the sake of violence.  And then to make matters worse, running away, hiding your face, trying not to get caught.  Would Martin Luther King Jr. do that? Did he throw rocks then run and hide and refuse to take responsibility? No! He stood up and said what he wanted to say stood by his words and actions.  And when I told bozo-anarchy-boy this his response was (and I paraphrase) "Times are different now and you can't do that anymore" blah blah blah ... something psychotic sounding about conspiracy theories and people disappearing.  Oh, times are different, huh?  Because things worked out so well for MLK Jr. because times back then were so much better?  I told him that was a cop-out and there is no honor or heroics in committing violence and then running away to hide with your tail between your legs like a little kid who's trying not to get caught.  His response was that there is no heroics in letting yourself get trampled by the immense violence and corruption in our government and our horrible government has justified guerilla tactics (ie: throw rocks and run and hide) ... blah blah fucking blah.  I considered saying that is exactly the same way Al Queada thinks but I didn't want him to think that I remotely thought he had as much powers as a giant terrorist group - he might actually think that was cool.  So, I just let it drop because I figured that it is ridiculous to fight with a 12-year old.  Until I looked at his Facebook page and saw that he is the same age as me and worse - has a little kid of his own! Good lord.

Look people - this country is fucked up with immense amounts of corruption. Bechtel, Haliburton, companies like that are war machines and our politicians make money by keeping wars going as long as they have connections with companies like that.  Our tax money goes to bail out giant banks yet practically half the country does not have access to appropriate health care.  People are not educated in school about financial management or how credit works and are inundated daily by advertisements and credit card offers telling them that they need to go into debt to build "good credit" so that the average person can be in debt and completely helpless by the age of 30 if things go as the corporate credit card companies have planned.

But is this a reason to be violent and stupid? No - it is not! Education, education, education - these are ways to make change.  What - do you think you're going to break some windows in a government building and everything is going to change? What are you going to do if you manage to actually overthrow the government and disassemble it?  Then what are you going to do when the rich guys REALLY start fucking you over because there are now zero restrictions and no unions and nothing to hold them back?  Do you think then you can just go strong-arm your way in and live in their mansions because there are no laws and everything will be grand?  Well, until someone bigger than you with more weapons than you decides they want that mansion and you are now "the man" so you suck.  Really - what is your plan and how is smashing people's car windows going to achieve less corruption in our government.  That's like going out and killing tiny little toads at a pond and saying, "It has to be done because there is a cougar on the loose killing people's livestock! So, if we kill these toads we are actually doing something!  If you don't want me to kill these toads then you must either approve of the cougar eating the livestock or you are just afraid of the cougar.  If you weren't afraid of the cougar you would be killing toads too!"

Do I have the answer? No, I don't.  I am constantly searching for it though.  I read as much as I can, I discuss it with friends and people more educated than me in the matters of U.S. law, the Constitution and politics.  And I try to educate others whenever I can on the reality of the corruption.  But I refuse to go out and kill a bunch of toads and then to make matter worse pretend it wasn't me.

Ok, rant over (for now).
Here is a picture of me and my darling Toadette today after training.  Not a very good photo of me or Toad but at least we're together.

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