Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is the song of the day.  It's not completely appropriate for the situation because it's a break-up song and there was no relationship of any sort in today's situation that is stressing me.  But it's a happier song (and more morally correct and legal) than this song.   Crazy Neighbor is already threatening to sue us for defamation of character for our court statements when they were requested of us during the domestic violence hearing.   His harassment of us has ramped up too (screaming profanities at us in public, driving aggressively when we run across him).  Sigh.  It's really annoying.  Today's visualization is that he is akin to a horsefly - that's how big he is in my world.  Buzzing around being really annoying and I just want to pick up a fly swatter and swat him but I know that in this case it is illegal to swat this particular horse fly.  So, although on an animal level it seems unnatural to let something keep annoying me like that without swatting it, on a human level I know that it is wrong and I must just ignore it.  So, I remember it's just an small annoyance in the grand scheme of things and it's not going to last forever and eventually it's going to fly out the window and then I will shut the screen so it can't come back in.  And that's as much power as I'm going to let this situation have over me.

So that first song is one of my daughter's favorite songs.  In fact, most of the pop songs these days are my daughter's favorite song.  Except Justin Bieber who for some reason (thank god) she says, "Justin Bieber? (with a sneer) Who even likes him? Yuck!"  I'm really enjoying that she is introducing me to all sorts of pop music and I like some of it.  Not really enough to listen to it by myself because it's not my style, but I have fun listening to it with her.  That was something my mom and I couldn't share until I was an adult so I'm glad that my daughter and I have more of the same taste.  Of course, I like pretty much all music except "smooth jazz" really bad soft rock (but I like "good soft rock" like Barry Manilow - maybe that's "camp soft rock"?).

Music is a really big deal to me - apparently more of a big deal than to most people.  When I hear a song that really speaks to me or that I just really love I want to share it with everyone and I want them to actually listen to it - to the beat, the words, the melodies, the harmonies.  I'm noticing a lot of people just aren't interested in listening that closely to music.  When I say I want to play a song for someone they usually listen to the first couple lines and start talking - whereas I'm wanting them to listening intently and be listening for changes in key, changes in rhythm, dissecting which instruments are doing what.  So, it's nice that my daughter seems to have a similar reaction to music as I do.  Especially since I'm learning that expecting people to be as obsessed with the details of music is about as realistic as expecting people to be as obsessed with horses as I am.  And if I want to keep my friends I need to allow them to not have to dive so deep down into my obsessions with me and still have that be ok.  Of course, I do have my friends like M. (Gemini & Favio's owner) and Trainer K. who will obsess all day long with me about horses! Yay.  My brother will obsess over music with me but I never see him anymore because he's so caught up in his career and traveling the world and all that completely-different-from-my-life stuff.

On a completely different note my husband and my 10-year anniversary trip to Mt. Rainier was awesome.  It was beautiful and we saw some pretty cool wild animals (my favorite part!).  I went tromping around in the woods behind the cabin with the pitbull the morning before we came home and it did occur to me that I had no idea what one does if one is out with one's dog and runs into a bear - especially one that just woke up from hibernation and was hungry.  Do bears go after prey that is barking at them? I'm assuming not but it did kind of freak me out after we got back there that maybe I shouldn't be out there with my city dog because I didn't want her to be breakfast for some bear.  My husband liked it so much out there that after taking the dog for a long walk he came back with some land for sale he wanted us to look into.  I would love to have a cabin out there but I wonder if it really is a wise move to buy land at the base of an active volcano.  Hmmm .... Anyway, here's one little guy we saw when we were driving up to Paradise.

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