Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ah ... my failing reputation

Today is one of those days where I need to stop and rethink if I'm a nice person or kind of a bitch.   Not a "full on bitch" by any means, I'm pretty confident I'm not one of those.  But I do need to evaluate if I'm "kind of a bitch".   Honestly, I think I am - at least to a certain degree.  Much like Dexter though, I am only bitchy to bad people. 

Anyway, walking home from the park with the dog this morning I passed one of my neighbors who I recently "un-friended" from Facebook.  She just irritates me in general because she's one of those white trash, can't take care of her kids, blames everyone else,  plays computer games all day types and I figured I would be polite to her in passing but I didn't want a relationship with her.  I honestly didn't even think she'd notice, since I have never noticed if someone unfriends me on Facebook.  Apparently, she did notice and this did not go over well with her because I passed her outside her house this morning and said "Good morning" and she put her nose up in the air and made sure not to look at me as she walked into her house.  Sigh.  Yes, us forty-somethings are apparently still in sixth grade.

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw a teenager standing in our driveway over BuddyCat (our ancient tabby I've had for over 17 years who is in failing health and I'm very stressed that he is not long for this world).  There was another teenager with her trying to pull her away and I thought things didn't look good so I went out and picked up BuddyCat to bring him in.  The teen snarled, "Is that your cat?" and I said, "Yes," and walked into the house.  I looked out the window and she was still standing in our driveway giving me the stink eye and (oops) I regressed a little to being a teenager in my head myself and opened the door and asked, "Is there a problem?"  and the little brat said, "Yeah, that cat is way too skinny!" in a nasty, accusatory tone.  So I snapped back (in a "get out of my business Little Missy!" tone) "That cat is almost 18 years old and is on antibiotics, probiotics, and thyroid medicine. He is very sick."  To which the teen snapped, "Well, I didn't know that! He was out here without a collar so I was going to call someone and take him somewhere!"  Which made me so angry that I just turned around and went inside.  Because if I hadn't been home and she'd taken BuddyCat away, the shelter (or whoever) wouldn't know what medicine he was on or anything and it would've probably killed him.  I was so mad I felt like putting a tag on him that says "Do not steal me ignorant self-righteous teens because I need my medicine!"

I got a call today from my friend, Tara saying that the mom of the kid the teens were visiting was at work with her when her son called and said "The neighbor just went crazy and started screaming at my friends! I saw it all! She was just crazy and screaming!  We didn't do anything! Don't get us in trouble!"   Sigh.  I checked with Tara to make sure the mom wasn't mad at me for "going crazy" on her kid's friends and Tara assured me she wasn't.  So, I'm not even going to say anything about it.  I'm just going to let those teens think I'm crazy (which they probably don't - they probably just didn't want to get in trouble and were afraid I'd go talk to the boy's mom).  But if they do - let them think I'm crazy.  Maybe they'll stay out of my driveway and away from my cat.

Other than that, life is good.  I kind of miss the old days of not being close to my neighbors in the city or really knowing any of them very well, because then there wasn't any drama and I would never have heard the teens little story to get out of getting into trouble.  But I guess the reality is I do enjoy having close friends in the neighborhood and knowing just about everyone.  Having good friends right by us that I know I can count on far outweighs the small amount of drama that comes from having teenagers around (who are just going to be teenagers) and the occasional white trash neighbor and the occasional crazy neighbor.

And P.S. - my husband somehow fixed our coffee maker.  No clue what he did but it is a relief.

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  1. Loved this. I think you are adorable. I don't have a tag on Sammy. Well, I do actually, and it says Jon's name and old cell phone number...which is so depressing I took it off. Maybe I will run up to Pet Smart tomorrow and get to tags for the cats. There's not a lot of room on that tags, so would F* off work? LOL. LOL>