Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How did you get a sunburn - you're from India!

That is my favorite recent quote "How did you get a sunburn - you're from India!"  My friend, N.D. was telling us about her nephew's new wife who is apparently quite high maintenance and was complaining about how she didn't like it here and how she had a sunburn.  To which N.D. declared said quote.  I think it was funniest because N.D. is also from India and has lived here for about fifteen years so she knows first hand how much more of a challenge it is to get a sunburn here.  Especially the last couple days.  My daughter was even suggesting we turn on the gas fireplace.  Blah.

Speaking of blah no one seems to have any energy today.   My daughter is flopped out on the couch wrapped in an afghan and I was dragging when I was out this morning taking care of Toad and riding Misty.  Even Toad was dragging this morning.  I wonder if it's possible for a horse to temporarily deplete her supply of adrenaline?  She got her blanket strap caught on her feed bucket yesterday and had an enormous panic attack.  I didn't see it but apparently she realized that she couldn't get lose and started jumping around like crazy until she ripped her blanket and got loose, but was still so terrified that she was climbing the walls to escape from her stall.  Trainer K. said Toad was still shaken up an hour later, but then by the time she came out to work and do her training she was very mellow (probably exhausted!). 

Today she didn't have any energy either and when I took her out to free lunge she rolled and then just stood around until I tried chasing her, to which she just trotted away a little and then would stop and look back at me like, "Stop it - that's annoying!"  After just a few minutes she went over to the mounting block and nudged her halter/lead rope with her nose which is her way of saying, "I'm done. Can't we go in now?" So, I took her back and groomed her and got her ready to work on the lunge line figuring I'd just work her hard enough to get the wiggles out.  But she was lazy on the lunge line.  She seemed to be moving fine, just didn't have a lot of get-up-and-go.  But then neither did I today.

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