Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh just how sappy am I ...

If there is any doubt that I am horse crazy I have a confession to make.  This song makes me think of me and Tuff Toad.  You know, seeing as she was "the crazy horse no one wanted" and now she's still a young, immature Thoroughbred but she is such a sweet girl.  One of the women who recently moved her horse to our barn had to have her horse put down two days ago and it was really unexpected.  So, the shock of that has made me appreciate Toad even more because I can't imagine how I'll feel when she eventually has to go.  We've already been through so much together in just the last ten months.  Today when I was grooming her I just felt the overwhelming need to snuggle with her and give her huge hugs.  Anyway, this is our song:

Just so you don't start feeling sorry for my husband, I have songs for him too.  See, I have two songs for him.  This is the first one (although the video doesn't remind me of him because I can't quite imagine him in Brazil and bless his heart, he is very white ...):

Unfortunately, I can't find a good video for the other song which is "Sideways" by Citizen Cope. 

There also isn't a video for the song by Radio Nationals "Fall Down" which is my song for my daughter.  I used to sing it to her as lullaby and she will still ask me occasionally to sing it to her.  But this is also her song.  I listened to this cd during my labor and now that's what I think of whenever I think of it and I get all sappy and happy.

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