Sunday, July 1, 2012

My face hurts.

I've been accident prone the last couple days and I'm starting to feel like a character from Fight Club.  A few days ago I turned around to see why the dog ran by me so fast only to be met by a tennis ball (thrown by my freakishly strong daughter) slamming right in the eye.  Then yesterday I was talking to my next door neighbor and was pulling the front door shut behind me and a breeze from the open windows blew the door shut faster and harder than I'd planned and it slammed my finger in the door.  Then last night I was at a party and took a frisbee right straight into my face on the bridge of my nose.  There were jokes last night about how I told my husband I was going to buy a third horse and he "set me straight".

None of my little accidents hurt as much as Sinatra breaking my toe though so they were non-events.  Well, slamming my finger in the door was close and when my neighbor asked me if I was ok I automatically said yes, then realized I was a little overwhelmed with pain and needed an ice pack and to sit down and added, "Well ... let me rethink that ..."  I'm not sure that's the best way to judge if I'm ok or not, but my first thought is "Does this hurt as bad as when Sinatra broke my toe? Not quite - ok good, nothing is broken then!"  I did have to stand for a minute or two last night waiting for my eyes to stop watering before I could throw the frisbee though.  The boy who threw it felt horrible even though I kept saying I was fine and I didn't even realize until I got home and looked in the mirror before bed that I had a nice lump and some broken skin.  Ooops.  I feel so punk rock.  Sigh.  But my face has been sore all day and that has been making me a little sad.

During my daughter's riding lesson today I finally had a chance to let Toadie out into a paddock with Misty.  She has never been turned out with another horse since I've had her and I'm pretty sure she didn't with the (stupid) teenager.  And I don't think she was during her race track days because I hear that is not common for race horses.   But she's always wanting to be physically close to other horses and Misty is really submissive with other horses so we decided to try it out with the two of them.  Trainer K. took Misty out and I took Toad and we both took off their halters at the same time because as Trainer K. said "letting horses out together is sometimes exciting".  But after a couple years of letting Ziggy and Girlfriend out and literally standing with them on either side, pulling their halters off at exactly the same time and then jogging backward while they bucked and twirled and galloped off, this was really a non-event. 

Toad and Misty both just walked to separate sides of the paddock and rolled.  Only Toad being the inattentive dork she sometimes is apparently didn't realize Misty was in her paddock because she got up from rolling, started to wander over to look at the mini's in the paddock next door, then happened to look over her shoulder and see Misty still rolling and Toad jumped straight up in the air in shock.  Then she scooted over to Misty and leaned over to sniff at her, which made Misty stop rolling and just lie there for a second on her back and look over at Toad, then Toad twirled, kicked out at her and ran to a far corner.  Good lord.

I went back in to help my daughter get Tasha tacked up then once her lesson started I went back out to check on Toad and Misty.  Misty had a very "long suffering look" and Toad was standing behind her with her head leaning on Misty's butt.  Misty would get frustrated and walk away and Toadie would follow her with her head way down, practically smashed into Misty's tail.  Then Misty would stop and Toadie would lean her head on Misty's butt for a bit.  A couple times she dropped her head and looked like she was trying to crawl under Misty between her hind legs.  When that didn't work (since Toadie is so much bigger than Misty) she would just bury her head in Misty's tail and occasionally lick her legs.  My horse is weird.

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