Sunday, August 5, 2012

Evil-free children's clothing

Some neighbors tipped me off that Eastside thrift stores are pretty great so I took my daughter shopping at one in Kirkland last week - the first time I'd been in a thrift store in years - and my neighbor's were right.  They had some wonderful clothing for kids and adults.  I'm thinking for the sake of saving money that may have to be our place for back-to-school shopping.  Especially because I'm not making quite enough per month with my one job just to make ends meet.  And no, I don't have my second job anymore.  That died with a pop and fizzle within a week.  Anyway, we bought some cute clothes from designer labels I wouldn't actually buy because the companies seem kind of evil to me.  Of course, at this point all clothes not made by someone in our neighbor are kind of evil because everyone seems to use sweat shops no matter who they are.

My husband has been encouraging me to listen more to my intuition when I get the "crazy vibe" from people.  I get all sorts of senses from people when I meet them ranging from "really nice and grounded" to "control freak/trust issues so approach slowly" to "boundary issues so stay at arm's length" to "must be on the autism spectrum" to "super crazy - stay away!!!"  I am generally 98% right with my first intuition but my problem is that with the "super crazy - stay away!!!" I always feel guilty for thinking that and then tell myself I'm being paranoid and must be projecting someone from my past onto that person.  But no - it always turns out I should've listened to my intuition.  Like with our crazy neighbor who spews profanities at me.  Who thankfully I have not seen for a month and hopefully he will move soon so it will no longer be an issue.

Anyway, the vibe I got off my second employer was "so stupid and helpless she needs a keeper".  My husband has now informed me that this is a bad vibe and must be treated the same way as "super crazy" as in "stay away!!!"  So, when I find myself thinking that an employer  needs me because she seems helpless and scattered I should run far away.  At least I stood up for myself which is kind of new for me in regard to employment.  Maybe I had good practice because the last few years I've worked for really nice, highly functional people so I never had to make that decision of "should I stand up for myself and lose my job or cower to keep my job?"  Anyway,  she was being very rude and implying that I was lying and what was an honest misunderstanding on both our parts was actually me being a bad employee and lying to cover it up so I straight out told her that wasn't ok with me.  She threw out the "do it my way or you're fired" statement "If this isn't going to work out tell me now!" and I surprised myself by instead of wallowing and backing down to keep a job I said what I really thought which was, "No, this is not going to work out," to which she snapped "Fine, good luck to you!" and hung up on me.  I immediately felt guilty like I did something wrong, but after touching base with my husband and some friends I was reminded that I don't need to be treated poorly for a job.  Especially a job that I cut the employer slack and let them pay me way less than what I'm normally paid just because I wanted to help.  Weird for me though to stand up for myself where work is concerned.  Still getting used to that.  I'm going to try to just stick with my one job and see if I can make ends meet with the fewer hours than I had at my old office job.

In other news, I have a cold and it's very hot out.  Not a good combination.  So, we broke down and turned on the air conditioner.

Toad had another "first" yesterday.  She had a chiropractor appointment just to keep her loose and not get too sore with all her work.  It was during lunch time and the barn was busy so she was distracted and ancy.  But we decided to try one needle for acupuncture just to see how she handles it.  A couple months ago when she was really sore we tried to do acupuncture to help her with the pain she was in but Dr. Penny barely got to the needle in and she convulsed her body and shot both her back feet out because it freaked her out so badly.  This time I stood with her and massaged her neck and talked softly to her (which wouldn't have worked last time) and it actually worked and Dr. Penny got the needle in.  After it was in I stopped massaging her neck and she started to freak so I started massaging her again and she relaxed.  After a few more minutes she had relaxed enough that I could stop massaging her and she was still able to keep the needle in for the whole time and stay relaxed.  I was really proud of her! I was especially glad because acupuncture can be a powerful modality for pain relief in sore muscles in horses and I'm glad to know it is an available one to us now.

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