Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pentecostal Hair

My good friend who lives next door is Pentecostal which first of all is great because before I moved I vetoed a small town by Mt St Helens because "I couldn't live in a town with that many Pentecostals". Well, life of course had a lesson for me that I needed to get over that prejudice by having me meet my next door neighbor and become good friends with her and obviously now have to eat my words.  She has a great sense of humor about everything including her religion and said to me the other day, "Well, at least I don't have Pentecostal Hair!"  I've been wondering what the heck that is so as with all of life's unanswered question I googled it.  And I actually found a blog post all about Pentecostal hair!

In other news I am behind on keeping up my garden. It's time to plant a cover crop and some carrot seeds for next year and some cabbage seeds for next year.  I read recently that if you plant them before the first frost and they get little starts going, the tops of the starts will die with the frost but you'll have a head start for the plants when Spring comes.  Plus it makes them hardier and apparently less likely to succumb to slug warfare when they're really young. I also found an organic slug bait that will be my best friend next year.  I've gotten a lot of really nice golden tomatoes and some really good cucumbers.  Hopefully tonight I'll get a chance to try and dry the tomatoes in my new dehydrator - which I used once so far to make a huge mess of fruit leather that didn't turn out.  It's a learning curve. I will get it.  And when I do get it I will try doing beef jerky - wooo-hoo!

Toadie is doing well despite having had two weeks off from work.  Thursday Trainer K. got two of her stitches out, but not knowing any better I waited 13 of the required 10-14 days of having stitches in and the top suture - in the worst part of the cut - was buried under scabs and the skin healing over it.  You could kind of see it but not easily get to it to.  Trainer K suggested we wait overnight and keep the bandage off so it could dry and try again on Friday.  Friday I got there and I decided to try myself and at least see if I was able to get to it.  I was worried because people had warned me that some horses needed to be sedated to take stitches out and with her history it was most likely to be that way with her.  So, I was worried that Trainer K. had just had a lucky fluke pulling out the first two stitches.  But I still attempted to pick at the scab and scrape off some crusting in order to get to the stitch.  I was able to get down to the knot and then cut that off - which made Toad's leg twitch but she held it together.   I started picking at it to try and get the rest of the suture out and Toad's leg started twitching like she really wanted to kick but I told her not to and she really held it together.  So much so that I managed to pull out the suture and was so excited that I jumped up in the air and squealed, "I did it! I got it out!" which thankfully did not spook Toad.

We did some lunging on Friday and Saturday and tomorrow is her first time back in training in two weeks.  I'm sure it will be incredibly frustrating for Trainer K.!  I have been taking Toad for walks around the property and up the street which has been really good for her.  She's getting much better at paying attention to me and remembering I'm leading her - she's not just out walking around alone - and that helps her relax.

My daughter hasn't taken a riding lesson for a couple weeks because of being out of town and a dressage show the week before that so she got to go back for her lesson today.  Unfortunately, right before her lesson a little cocker spaniel that my trainer is babysitting while the owner is on vacation was there and my daughter forgot my advice that she not put her face near dogs she doesn't know and went down to hug the dog and it bit her in the face! Hopefully, that means she'll heed my warning and never do that again unless she knows that dog.  It's probably the biggest danger of having a kid grow up with a pitbull is that no matter what I tell her, her experience with her own dog is you can hang all over her and hug her and use her as a pillow and all the pitbull will do is wag her tale and lick her.  If it had to happen I'm glad it was a little dog -although now she has a tooth-shaped black eye which I'm trying not to freak out about too much.  The teeth marks are little right up against the side of her eye.  Urrrgh!  But no use in dwelling on the scary "could've beens"  The reality is all she got is bruised and she knows now not to stick her face in another dog's face unless it is her own trusty pitbull.  She went through two ice packs and got lots of hugs and sympathy from my trainer who then went to comfort the dog too because she was cowering and terrified after what she'd done.  I wasn't sure my daughter would take her riding lesson but after the two ice packs and a fruit roll-up she said she'd "take her lesson for Tasha so she wouldn't be disappointed" and ended up having a great time.

Toad was in the cross ties when it happened and my daughter was in the aisle right in front of the grooming room when she screamed and started crying really hard saying she'd been bit and holding the side of her head.  Toad got very upset and started throwing her head in the cross ties and jumping back and forth.  I wasn't really paying attention to her because I was concerned about my daughter, but after we had an ice pack and my daughter started to calm down a little Toad was still throwing her head and stomping and looking at my daughter with these terrified googly-eyes.  I wondered if she was worried about her, then Star came by and asked what happened and said, "Look at Toad - she's freaking out because your daughter is hurt!"  So, I let Toad off the cross-ties and my daughter came over and clung to me while still crying but able to say, "Hi Toadie ..." and Toad lowered her head as far as she could and pushed it between my body and my daughter who was hugging me and held her head there.  Then she sniffed my daughter all over and rubbed her face gently on my daughter's back.  It was so sweet!

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