Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No idea what just happened here ...

Fall is definitely here and I'm thrilled that it is raining again and back to that normal wet environment that I'm used to.  I don't know what it is about water but I find it very comforting. I like humid climates and bodies of water next to wear I live and amphibians all around and green, green, green.  Maybe it's because I grew up here and that is what feels like home.  Also sun hurts my eyes which I realize now that researchers have found a name for it is because I have some sensory processing disorder with my eyes and bright lights hurt them (as do videos games and strobe lights - the latter of which makes my head feel like it's going to implode).  It's good to know my aversion to sun is sensory issues not vampire issues.

I've been catching up on housework now that I don't have my all-consuming-worry-fest of a part-time job.  I even got the Secret Garden ready for winter - this year I'm planting cabbage and carrots in fall so that they will sprout, go dormant, then have a head start in Spring.  At least that is the theory that I read somewhere in an organic gardening book. We'll see how well it works.  I also supposedly found a deterrent to a huge problem I'm having with my pumpkins - powdery mildew.  My next task is the Community Garden where I need to pull out all of the vegetation from pumpkins to peppers because my pumpkins spread powdery mildew to all the plants around them.  I need to dispose of all the leaves, stalks, etc (and NOT compost them because the spores will spread with the compost) then spray the tiny remaining stalks with a mixture of organic horticulture oil/baking soda/water.  Then when the leaves start to sprout in Spring I need to periodically spray them again.  That is a preventative.  I have not found a cure once it takes hold.  But at least I know I have an arsenal when starting again next year.  And I will know to start my pumpkins in early Spring so they'll be ready for Halloween.  I started them way too late - in early August - this year.

In a touch of total irony my good friend who was watching my daughter when I worked in the afternoons (the woman I worked for didn't want me to bring my daughter when I took care of her son even though they adored each other) just got a full-time temp. job for the next couple months.  Which means if I still had my job I would have no childcare for my daughter and would be SOL.  Even more ironic is she asked if I could watch her daughter every day after school.  So,  even though I don't formally have another job yet I have the same amount of money coming in that I did when I had a job after paying for childcare.  This is a much better situation.  And I am continuing to figure out what I want to do for earning money.  It might mean going back to the world of bookkeeping/accounting in an office part-time but I guess that's ok because it's what I'm good at.  Although working in a barn with horses and other animals sounds much more appealing.  But it doesn't pay as well and if I want my hobby to be spending time in barns with horses and other animals I need to make enough to afford it.

Yesterday I had one of those horse experiences that I was pondering as I was falling asleep because I did not know why it happened or if/what I'd done to cause it to happen.  Trainer J. (the Western trainer because now we have a new Trainer J. at the barn who is a man and a dressage trainer - maybe he'll be Trainer JD) ... anyway Trainer J. had three of her big paints out in the top pasture and I had to get to Star's mini's so I could put them in because it was starting to rain and I needed to go through the top pasture to get them out.  It seemed quicker to just move them myself than drag Trainer J. away from her barn work so I went up there and picked up one of the halters and lead ropes, looked at the three of them and wondered how I was going to get them all into the next door paddock in the quickest way (I was really hungry and wanted to be done so I could go get lunch).

I walked in and they all crowded around me, so I pushed all three away and said, "Personal space, guys!" in a firm voice.  I tried herding the one that seemed the most dominant by pointing her toward the gate to the other paddock and swinging the rope behind her.  I pointed to the gate to the other paddock and clucked and gave her a tap on the butt with the lead rope. That didn't work so I clucked and walked toward the gate pointing to it but she threw her head and trotted the other direction.  So, I grumbled and walked over and put her halter on thinking I'd lead her in, then go back and get the other two one at a time and lead them in.  But as soon as I put the halter and turned to walk to the gate and clucked and pointed at the gate again the other two trotted past us and in single file trotted right into the back paddock and went to the back and stood quietly until I had led the other mare in, taken her halter off and closed the gate.  I actually said out loud, "I have no idea what just happened here!"

So, I was pondering last night why they did that.  My husband (who knows next to nothing about horses) said "Well, you had the dominant mare and was leading her there - maybe the other two were following her lead."  That is probably what happened.  I guess.  I wish I understood these things a little better but I'm just glad it worked out so quickly because I was about to keel over I was so hungry!

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  1. Like your husband, I don't know much about horses, but I got a 'kick' out of this story! ;-)