Friday, October 5, 2012

No Subject

Transitions in life are always really uncomfortable for me and I seem to go through all the same phases every time:  put it off for too long/get slapped in the face that things have to change/stay in denial that I need to change something a little longer/shit hits the fan and I HAVE to make the change/make the change despite my inner-self thinking the world will fall apart if I do/run around and ask for validation that it's ok that I made a change/FREAK OUT/finally realize it was all for the best and be so exhausted that I just want to go to bed and do nothing for a few days while reveling in the brightness and freedom of my future.

I'm in the latter part right now.  So, I'm trying to get motivated to "do stuff" even though I feel like just going back to bed and sleeping for the rest of the day.  Here is my song of the day.  My daughter and I both like this song so we always play it really loud when it comes on.

I've been sending out resumes here and there and trying to get an idea what I want to do.  At the risk of mojo'ing it I sent in a resume to a place that needs both an admin. person and a nursery (as in plants) worker who "must like dogs, kids and chickens".  Last night I was talking to my saddle fitter and telling her why we needed to postpone my appointment and she asked me what I was looking for.  I said, "What I'm really good at is accounting but I would rather work with horses," and she suggested I look into equine nutritionist.  I had never actually heard of that but she claims there is a real need.  That would fulfill my passion for science/biology, I would be working with horses and it would be an excuse to go back to school.  Well, depending on what kind of education you need.  I certainly can't afford financially or time-wise to go to veterinary school.  In fact, I'm too squeamish and don't want to do that.  My first castration clinic and I'd be passed out on the floor.  But it really did sound like a good thing to follow up on.  I don't want to be a vet or a vet technician.  I definitely don't want to be a farrier - that is probably the job I'd least like to have. Right up there with mortician.  And if doing massages on humans was hard on my body then I imagine doing massages on horses would do me in.  I will be looking into that today.

Meanwhile, it is time to winterize my garden because surprisingly the first frost has hit already! I said surprisingly not because it's not late enough in the season but because it has still only rained maybe once in the last three months and it is still about 70 degrees during the day.  Very desert like weather.

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