Monday, October 8, 2012

Stil this but still not that.

I still have a cold and I still don't have a new job.  Of course it has only been a week for both of those things and both are well known to usually last longer than that.

I was just reading an article on one of our local news sites and they were talking about the danger to dogs and cats of D-Limonine which is apparently a common ingredient in pet shampoo.  Sadly, they spelled it wrong throughout the whole article.  Not sure how helpful that is as a PSA.  And makes me wonder why other people can screw up so badly and still have jobs but my recent ex-employer won't give me even a neutral reference despite how hard I worked to make a clusterf*ck situation as smooth as possible.   Ok, that was my obligatory moment of bitterness and I am now moving forward back into my positive thinking.

Anyway, can't find any information that is helpful when googling D-limonine.  Even just has a cut & paste off of the manufacture's label.  Not helpful. 

Yesterday I was putzing around the barn during my daughter's riding lesson because I did not have a horse to ride.  I put Toad out in the top paddock for a bit and cleaned the "wet stuff" out of her and Tasha's stalls (my daughter is now in the habit of cleaning the poop out of their stalls after her lesson to earn a couple extra dollars).  I stopped in the aisle that actually has a gate you can see through into the arena to talk to one of the boarders who'd been on vacation, and out of the corner of my eye I could see my daughter in there trotting around on Tasha and I could hear Trainer K. yelling instructions to her (you have to yell to be heard by the person up on the horse) when all the sudden it looked like Tasha broke into a canter right in front of the gate we were looking in.  I almost said, "Did Tasha just start to canter?" when I heard Trainer K. say, "Keep her going! You have to steer since you're on your own!" and next thing I knew my daughter was cantering around the circle all by herself about four times!

I of course squealed to the other boarder, "She's cantering all by herself with no lunge line! Do you see it? Do you see it?!"  and we both rushed up to the gate just as my daughter asked Tasha to walk and Trainer K. yelled to us, "Did you see that? Did you see her canter all by herself?!"  My daughter rode over to the gate so I could reach up and give her a high five and she was glowing so brightly with how fun it was and how proud of herself she was.  Yay! I wish I had such a great trainer when I was eight years old!  Imagine how well my daughter could be riding by the time she's a tween if she wants to stick with it.  Of course, I should be happy that now I have such a great trainer.   A lot of people don't ever get to learn so much about any sport in their life, especially not one they are so passionate about.  And better late than never.  And I am happy that I did take good hunter/jumper lessons back when I was a tween.  I know I took some dressage but it wasn't like this and it turns out the barn I was at back in the day was a hunter/jumper barn so dressage wasn't their specialty.  And I think that my past experience of jumping did help my strength, balance and confidence even if I don't remember any of the stuff I learned.  I remember doing it, and I remember how it felt to jump and I remember bits and pieces but I don't remember the body mechanics or any of that stuff.

Right now posting correctly for dressage is kicking my ass.  I was wondering if I posted totally wrong back in the day but Trainer K. made a comment once that I post like they do in Hunter/Jumper so I was just never taught the proper dressage posting.  Or if I was it was early on before I started jumping.  The nice thing is that all this work I'm doing to post correctly may actually finally improve my awful posture.  I've been slumped over with terrible posture my whole life and now all this work to post correctly is bringing my shoulder blades down, putting my center of gravity lower in my core, lifting my sternum, even getting me walk flat on my feet instead of putting my weight on the outside of my feet which is a long standing habit.  Of course pilates is helping too.  I remember stuff like that when I feel tired and like "I'm too old for this - what am I doing? I'm too old to fall of horses and put myself in danger!" But the truth is, I'm not ready to give up all the benefits of being involved with horses myself.  It gets me up and moving in the morning, it is great exercise, it keeps me outside every day of the year no matter if it's 90 degrees or 20 degrees and it makes me very happy which is good for me and everyone around me.  So, I guess right now I'm not too old.

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