Thursday, November 29, 2012

All the pretty horses ...

From the emails I've been getting from Toad's new Little Mama, she is adjusting well.  Her Little Mama absolutely loves her and it sounds like they are getting along well.  Some of the things she tells me confirms to me that Toad misses me and that makes my heart hurt, but as she bounds with her new Little Mama she will gradually not forget about me, but feel that bond and safe with her and not feel sad about me being gone.  From what I understand though if I show up to visit her she should remember me.  I hope I can go visit her sometime.   Her new owner has been riding her and said she's thrilled at how well she responds to light aids and is sensitive and responsive which speaks highly of all the work Trainer K. did with her.  We pulled out the Christmas decorations yesterday and I found Toad's Christmas stocking in one of the boxes which made me tear up a little.  I'll send it to Virginia in the next couple days. 

I've been looking at horses for sale and am feeling a lot of confusing lack of commitment toward all of them.   I road Maiden yesterday in a lesson and just handling and riding her I really like her.  She is very sweet but also has a mind of her own and tries to see what she can get away with.  But not in a dangerous way, just in a big, solid, stubborn horse way.  For some reason I really like her personality though.  Plus, she's beautiful.  She's white with cow spots and no one knows for sure what breed she is but assumptions are Quarter Horse.  But she's a little too big for me apparently - she's tall and very solid and wide so my legs don't fall in the best place for riding dressage.  She's not quite as tall as Toad (Toad is 16.1 hh's and Maiden is probably 15.3, 16 hh's) but Toad was so narrow my legs fell in a better place on her for dressage.  

We're going to see Alberto again on Saturday (assuming I can stay healthy - the nasty stomach bug of the year is all over the place and the girl I was babysitting came down with it on Tuesday so we'll see if we can ward it off in our house or not).   He is a much better size for me and Lipizzan so he is built to do dressage.  And he was very nice to ride.  But I have concerns about his personality and his ground manners.  He's just not a gentle, polite guy and I know he can be taught to be polite, but I really like that naturally gentle personality that Girlfriend, Toad have  - and Maiden has too.  That's why I'm going to see him again.  I liked him under saddle but need to spend a little more time with him on the ground.  When we saw him the first time the trainer who is selling him did all the ground work and I really want to work with him on the ground - lead him, groom him, pick up his feet, etc. before I make a decision.  That's where I really get an idea what our chemistry is.  I know to a lot of horse people that sounds weird.  I know many people who feel like their whole experience with a horse is just riding and they'd rather someone did the ground work, but for some reason I feel like I get to know the horse better if I work with them on the ground and if I don't then riding them is like hopping on the back of a total stranger.

I've looked at a lot of other horses online and none of them have managed to intrigue me enough to go out and look at them.  I've encountered some folks that really offended me because they have tried to hide their horse's injuries or chronic problems and it was obvious they were just trying to unload their horse on someone without disclosing what they're getting into.   One woman after many emails back and forth when I asked about previous injuries over and over again finally disclosed that their horse had had surgery one one leg but they hadn't known about it before they bought her.  I asked what kind of surgery and the woman dodged it in email until I asked her straight out saying I wasn't going to come see the horse unless she answered my question and she finally said the poor horse had metal and pins in her leg.  If she'd told me that up front I would've seen the horse and had my vet assess the issue, but the way this woman tried to hide it made me think it unfortunately was a big problem for soundness.  That pisses me off.  How can people have horses for years and then just try to dump them off on other people when they start having problems and lie to people to try to unload them? They're not cars for god's sake! And you shouldn't do that with cars either, but it is far more heartless when it is a living creature with feelings.

Speaking of problems, my Subaru with the busted transmission is currently in the shop getting fixed.  We were going to trade it in for a new car but when I looked up the trade-in value (minus the $2.5k toward the new transmission that theyd' take off the trade-in price) it was not financially the best decision.  We probably could've sold it to someone without disclosing the transmission issue because it ran fine and if we kept the fluid levels up right before the drive they'd never know.  But I could not live with myself if I did that.  I don't understand why other people don't have that "I just don't want to be an asshole" part of them.  So many people just don't care if they're assholes.  Where does that come from? It's really sad.

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