Thursday, November 1, 2012

Devils, witches and horses

Halloween is a time of good memories for me and my daughter loves the holiday so I try to make it as memorable for her as I can.  But this year with the stress of job hunting and just not having the mental or physical bandwidth I didn't host our annual trick-or-treating pre-funk like I have the last couple years.  Luckily, it still worked out just fine with her friends gathering at our house beforehand and hitting the neighborhood en masse.  We live in a strange little area with three small cul-de-sacs with houses surrounded by nothing really - a big park, a school, farms and lots of protected wetlands.  So it's pretty limited where we can take the kids trick-or-treating unless we want to walk quite a ways to another small cul-de-sac development (which is nice for us adults not to go too far). 

It always turns into a big party for about an hour or so with parents (usually also in costumes) gathering in the street (sometimes carrying their drinks with them) to hang out while the kids run door to door and running into their friends even if they hadn't planned to meet them.  This year a lot of the houses went all out and made themselves full-on haunted houses.  That is fun.  And of course the kids go all Lord of the Flies and without parental over sight would probably barge into all the houses and raid their cupboards while they're at it.  Geez.  That is not quite as fun trying to rein them in.

Trainer K. is out of town for a few days so I will be working Toadie on my own during that time.  Not like she's been able to do much work until her neck is completely healed up from her muscle tears.  We're just lunging her with a halter over her bridle so as not to make her have to turn.  A few days ago I started icing her neck where she has the worst knots and that seems to be helping a lot.  I thought I wouldn't like doing it, but it actually turning out to be relaxing for both of us.  At first Toad was not happy about having ice on either side of her neck but now I think she realizes it makes he feel better.  I get two packs of frozen peas and wrap them in a towel (to save my own hands) and hold them on either side of her neck with my arms wrapped under her neck for fifteen minutes.  She's so tall I have to stand on a stool to easily reach up on her neck.  Now that she's used to it, she'll drop her head and let is rest on my arm so her neck is in the perfect place for me to lean my head over and rest it on her neck.  Then she lets out a huge sigh and we just hang out there for a bit until she gets restless and tosses her head.  Then she tosses her head for a couple minutes and we go back to our resting position.

Here are a couple photos from the most impressive of houses last night.  One was a creepy second story window that was very subtle but creepy when you noticed it.  The other is my friend, Jonathan dressed as the grim reaper fighting a grandpa on stilts.

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