Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We're down in New Orleans for our annual week visiting my in-laws.  It would be a lot more fun if the tiny neurotic section of my brain would stop tap dancing in the corner of my mind coming up with all sorts of things to be anxious about.  My arthritis has been kept fairly well at bay despite that I haven't been taking my medication (the warm, humid air is very good for that) but alas I still have my little dancing neurosis trying to give me anxiety attacks about "what if's".  After many years of learning to live with my brain I've gotten to the point where I can still go out and do stuff and have fun, it's more of just a mental sliver that I can learn to ignore but is always there and is more prominent when I'm quiet and not distracted.

Otherwise, it's been a nice visit with the in-laws and as always nice to visit the South.  Metairie (where we're staying) is definitely not the most beautiful city by far, but dang if the deli at Whole Foods isn't the best grocery store deli in the world! And of course the restaurants all have everything shrimp/crab/debris/cayenne pepper everything.  And of course the holy trinity: onions, celery, peppers.  I love the accents too.  It's nice to have the sun out every day too and be 70 degrees in November.

I would be perfectly happy to live here if we lived on the Northshore (the area on the other side of Lake Pontchatrain) because it's a lot more rural.  Mandeville is directly across the lake right on the water and is this amazing, bucolic little suburb.  Covington is farm town and Folsom is the "horse capital" of Louisiana.  Although, despite that there is a big stable in downtown New Orleans right next to Audubon Park and you can often see the kids out riding their horses along the levee of the Mississippi.  And even a couple teenagers rode their horses over to the Po-Boy Festival last Sunday and tied them to a chain link fence across the street from the police horse trailer.  It's a very different city than Seattle. 

Our hotel is right on the lake and a bunch of kids are here for some sort of international sailing race so it's cute to see all the little kids in the restaurant in the morning.  They've been asking Emma June if she's here for the races which I fear has peaked her interest in sailing.  I don't know if that's a hobby I will ever be able to pull off because I do have a tendency to get sea sick in rocky enough water (not in a kayak or on a ferry but I don't know if I could handle a sail boat).

I'm missing all our pets and missing being outside the city but it's ok for a week.  I'm not sleeping that well though because you can hear everyone in the hall and above us like they are right there (which we are) and it's hard for my body to relax and go to sleep with so many people around.  We're in a different hotel which I don't like as much because it's really only one room with french doors separating the two sections and it doesn't feel like it has any privacy and it's hard living in a room with no kitchen for a week.  It's also expensive! Thank goodness I'm coming back to a job that I start next week! 

This new job I have sounds like it's going to be great.  It's the complete opposite of what I'm used to which is going in and having an accounting system partially set up - or none at all (which is better) and having to fumble through and try to set everything up.  In this job there is actually a calendar of duties, updated procedure manuals and people right in the office to help me learn how to navigate the new databases I'll be working with.  I've had a couple virtual trainings while we've been on vacation and I couldn't help but tell the girl who's leaving that I was thrilled by how much support I have with training and it felt so unusual and luxurious.  And the biggest irony is it is the type of job - downtown, full days, accounting - that I had originally said I wasn't going to do any more.  Years ago someone told me to never limit my options because I might miss out on the best possible one, and I have found she was right a few times.

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