Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The simple pleasures

My husband spent way too much time looking for super-fancy noise reductions headphones and then ordered three of them (two magenta - one for my daughter and one for me and a black pair for himself).  Well, they just got delivered and I'm liking them way more than I probably should.  For one thing they make iTunes sound great! But even bigger plus - you can't hear yourself singing when they're on! w00t! Big bonus when you can't hold a tune!

Toadie is officially on her way to Virginia as we speak.  I thought I would be way more depressed but after an enormous bout of crying yesterday (all the way up Hwy 522 to the vet clinic in Monroe to pick up her health certificate and negative coggins test paperwork) I feel very at peace with the whole thing.  I am now feeling very excited for KM in Virginia who is going to be her new mom.  I felt a lot better after I saw the truck she being transported in and met the guys who are driving/handling her during the trip.  She has a full stall on the truck (which is actually a big-rig semi) and regular water buckets and feed and she has a friend she can talk to in the stall next to her.  It's kind of like a horse-party-bus.

Her handlers are really nice guys who immediately put me and her at ease.  I brought her out of the barn and it was already after dark and there wasn't just a new truck in the driveway but a semi with it's huge lights and she took one look at it and tried to spin around past me to go the other way.  But I was anticipating that and was able to push her back next to me and help her get collected.  We walked slowly over to the truck and the main handler walked over to her and said very quietly, "Hey, Buddy, you're ok.  Let's be pals." Then just stood and pet her and talked soothingly to her and when she started to relax said, "There you go.  See, it'll all be good.  I'm your friend now."  Then he walked her up to the ramp and just let her stand for a couple minutes and sniff things and look around.  Then she walked right up the ramp and into her stall.

She was a little ancy in her stall but once I came on board to talk to her she calmed down a little.  The drivers kept saying, "Watch her back end - she's nervous you know, don't get kicked!"  I don't think they realized I was her owner.  I had her turn around so she was facing me (because I'm not suicidal - I knew not to squish into that small space with her when she was that anxious) and had my daughter come on board to say good-bye.  When she saw my daughter Toadie lowered her head so my daughter could hug her head (which made the cowboy driver mutter, "Aaaah ... now wouldya look at that!").  Then they left.  My daughter cried most of the way home but seemed to feel better once we got to the store to get take-out for dinner.  I know Toad is going to be so happy.  I kind of wish I was on a party-bus to a resort in Virginia myself.

I told the handlers to be careful feeding and watering her because when she's anxious she can be really defensive with her back end.  One of them said, "So, she's kicked before?" and I said, "She's kicked ME before.  Yes, if she's feeling threatened or scared she will kick."  Which seemed to surprise them a little.  I'm sure they have dealt with all sorts of horses and they both seemed unfazed by that information, just a little surprised. It reminded me again that much is Toad is a wonderful, good girl who has come along ways, she is not your typical lesson/family horse and a lot of people have probably not learned as much in a lifetime of hacking around with lesson and family-friendly horses as I have just in the past 15 months of owning a horse like her.  I am incredibly grateful for that experience! And for Trainer K. helping me with it.   A lot of my friends at the barn told me that yesterday to comfort me when I was feeling sad about her leaving - "Just think about the amazing education you've gotten with her over this last year!"

By pure coincidence when I was up at my vet's clinic and I had to use the bathroom (which always happens to me on long drives!) so I had to walk through the barn where they keep their long-term patients, I passed a really pretty paint mare.  I stopped to say hi to all of the horses and when I got to her I saw she was a S.A.F.E. horse.  She was very pretty and very sweet so when I got home I looked her up.  She's not a Lipizzan but I think I should get more information on her and consider her.  I was thinking of just getting a Lipizzan because I really like their look, size and temperaments.  But there was something about her that made me want to get to know her a little more.

Went for a job interview in downtown Seattle today.  I know, I swore I would never work downtown again.  But I really liked the people at this office so I'm crossing my fingers.  Although, honestly, I had to take an accounting test and I feel like I really flubbed it - I've been using Quickbooks the last few years and have really let me actual critical thinking accounting skills lapse so I need to re-visit those in one of my accounting textbooks.  So, it would be nice if I got the job but I don't have very high hopes.  I'm glad we're going on vacation on Friday so I don't have to think about job hunting for a week!

A couple photos - the enormous truck that Toad went a-riding in, and uncharacteristically an actual photo of me saying good-bye to Toad in the barn.

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