Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and my projects

I went out to SAFE today to help my friend with feeding if she needed it.  She's been doing extra shifts because so many folks are on vacation for the holidays.  She also figured out that if she went in super early before Logan was fed his hay, he would be so hungry that he would eat the mash with his horse laxative in it.  So, he's gotten some three days in a row so hopefully he will be ready for surgery tomorrow.

I went in to say hi to him when we were there and he was nervous as usually and jumped away from me at first.  But after I stood in there for a minute and he saw I didn't have a halter or medicine in my hand he came over to sniff me.  I started rubbing his withers and he started to lean toward me and then I realized he had some mud matted on his shoulder, so I started scratched that area to pull some of the mud off of him.  He seemed to like that so I asked my friend if she could find an old brush I could use.  At first after she gave it to me, Logan looked at it like "No way! You're not coming near me with that!"  But after a few minutes of letting him sniff it and chew on it, he let me brush his neck lightly.  Then quickly you could see the lights going on in his mind and he was starting to remember a day - god only knows how many years ago - when he had been groomed before and surely someone had taken care of him.  He ended up swinging his butt around wanting me to brush there - which was badly needed.  He had caked and crusted mud all the way through his hair and dried on his skin and huge pieces of fur missing where he has some kind of skin condition.  I asked my friend for a curry comb and she said, "A what?" (because her daughter is the horse person) so I just said, "Never mind.  You might as well not have to disinfect more than one brush."

So, I scrubbed as best I could with the brush I had and Logan started stretching and yawning and chewing and all over loving it.  For a moment he seemed just like a normal family pet horse.  When I was tired from brushing him and he did look a little better (although to really look good he needs a bath, a serious grooming with a shedding blade, curry comb, clippers and a bottle of show sheen) - anyway, I was tired from scrubbing and brushing him and when I stopped he put his head down and leaned it over my shoulder to give me a hug!

Cameo is not doing so well.  She's broken off three halters already and no one has gone in to try and handle her except for the on-site trainer.  She's trying to keep a halter on her because she's so hard to catch and halter, but she keeps breaking them off.  She's in much worse shape than Logan - her mane is all matted and dreadlocked and her hair is much more mangy.  But you can't get near her yet so there will be no grooming in her near future probably.  I was telling my friend, M. and Trainer K. about them and Trainer K. pointed out "Horse can't become feral once they've been domesticated," and M. said, "This may be worse because they don't have the natural fear of humans that feral horses have so they could be more dangerous."  Hopefully, Cameo will end up not being dangerous and come around and I already know that Logan is not dangerous and will come around quickly.

I hope Logan's surgery goes well tomorrow.  I probably will come to my senses but a little part of me has toyed with the idea of fostering him and then leasing Maiden to ride a few times a week.  Even though I said I didn't want another project horse.  And he makes Toadie when I first got her look like a bomb-proof child's horse.

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