Saturday, December 1, 2012


First I will write about a happy thing from this last week.  On Wednesday my new friend, Ry Wardell came to meet me at the barn and very patiently waited for me to finish my lesson that went longer than we'd meant for it to.  We went for Indian food and my motivation was talk about the documentary Horsepower that he is directing.  I've wanted for years to make a documentary about horse rescues and now some new friends are and I really want to help in any way I can! As it is we ended up talking a lot more about life in general and he got me talking to much about myself and my fiction writing which I didn't mean to (I think I'm kind of boring except to me of course - to me I'm fascinating!).  In all it was very fun and I hope that he will take me up on my offer to do grunt work during some shootings.  I'm also trying to get the word out that they are halfway to their goal of raising money to fund the trip across the country to finish filming and they need more donations.  The donations aren't tax deductible unfortunately, but that shouldn't stop you from contributing to a great artistic cause - and a cause that will help educate people on humane treatment of horses - which is very much needed in our world.

In fact, it goes beyond humane treatment of horses - our world also needs to re-learn how to connect with and respect nature not only in the animal world but in the human world to.  We have gone so far away from what is good for us and what is "natural" - including plastics everywhere, our many easily accessed and cheap toxic food options, pollution, unsustainable lifestyles, not connecting on a community level with our friends and neighbors.  I could go on.   This was also a big issue I was excited to learn that Ry is very concerned about too.

And I can't leave out the mishap that was up there with probably the second worst social faux-paus with a new friend since 1992 when I went over the Mikky's house for a first date and as we were walking out his back door I slipped on the steps and slid down and ended up lying on my back in the mud.  This one was just about as good (except thankfully we weren't on a date!)  I was cutting some Tandori chicken off the bone and it was very tough.  I had my plate filled from the buffet and wasn't paying attention that my plate was a bit close to the edge of the table. Next thing I knew the plate flipped over right into my lap.  Aaaargh!  Ry's response was a calm, "So, what's the damage?" and I said, "It all ended up in the napkin. Thank goodness I was taught manners ..." and plopped it all back onto the plate and pushed it aside.

On a less happy note, I'd been hearing about a nasty stomach bug going around and had worried we'd catch it while on vacation (it was going around down there too).  Luckily, we did not come down with it while we were there but it hit me like an anvil on Thursday night.  The night before my second day of work - aaargh!  It's hard to say who I caught it from.  The little girl I babysit three days a week after school had it, but also I'm pretty sure Trainer K. had it on Wednesday.  She said her head hurt horribly when I got to the barn and I asked if she was ok to do a lesson and she said she'd power through.  She did ok during the lesson except she seemed very tired and deflated.  After the lesson she disappeared toward the restroom and then when I was leading Maiden out of the arena Trainer K. was walking past the arena door with her eyes closed and her head in her hands and Maiden almost walked right over.  I squealed and stopped Maiden and Trainer K. looked up said, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you," and I said, "Your eyes were closed," and she said, "They were?"  I'm glad she went home and went to bed.

So Thursday I was getting ready for bed and I started shaking.  I already hurt all over but honestly, with Rheumatoid Arthritis there are plenty of days when I'm healthy where I hurt all over.  But when the shaking started the pain was getting progressively worse.  And the shaking was pretty weird adn alarming. By the time I got into my pj's I was shaking so hard and was so weak I had to lie down.  My husband passed by on his way to get into his pj's and I muttered, "I'm sick," and he said, "Can you elaborate?" and I just said, "I'm shaking and I'm sick." That was probably the most disturbing part was that I was shaking all over to the point my teeth were chattering.  Then I started to get nauseous. Then I got the chills from the fever.  I was too weak to get to the bathroom so my husband had to bring me a bucket.  Finally I couldn't stand the shaking and pain anymore so I asked him to get some anti-nausea medication left over from my daughter's tonsilectomy so I could take some tylenol and know I'd keep it down.  Right after the anti-nausea medication I started dry-heaving then felt so weak I fell asleep for a couple hours.  When I woke up I wasn't as nauseous but I felt like I'd been run over by a truck so had to wake my poor husband up to get me the tylenol because I literally could not drag myself out of bed.  By morning I felt better but still had a 101.4 fever.  So I felt justified in not going in to my second day of work.  I tried to sleep all morning but never did because even though I wasn't shaking anymore everything hurt too much to sleep.

I was worried at first because the awful woman I worked for over the summer would've had the response, "This really doesn't work for me.  What are you going to do about it?" or else she would've waited until I was well and chastised me for my poor attendance and what was I going to do about it?  I feel like now I should've had replies like "What am I going to do about it? I'm going to get someone to drive me in and then I'm going to lick all your doorknobs." (ok - that was actually my husband's idea). Luckily, my new job they said they were sorry to hear it and I could come in Monday to make up hours and could I do a couple things that were due remotely.   I'm a little concerned because the learning curve of the new databases is so high but I like the job so far and I like the challenge and I like my new co-workers so fingers crossed I can learn this stuff quickly enough and it will work out.

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