Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Babarshop Paradox

Apparently barbars were a big deal in the math world at some point because not only do we have the the barbarshop paradox but we also have the barbar paradox.   A bigger mystery than either of those paradoxes is the fact that the math world likes barbars so much.  I was talking to my husband about the barbar paradox yesterday on the commute home from work and I asked why the barbar himself couldn't just be the third set in the universe and my husband said "Because the universe only has two sets" and I said, "No, obviously the universe has three sets," and my husband said, "No, the universe can only have two sets," and I said, "Well, then the universe has two sets and one quantum set on a microscopic level," to which my husband said, "You're either totally over-thinking this or just not following the rules like you're supposed to!"  Which then got me thinking about math and how it explains the natural world like in physics (which I really know nothing about btw) and how it is -as shown by these paradoxes - either that math is a 2-dimensional attempt to explain a 3-dimensional world, which will never work, or math can completely explain it but by putting man-made rules into math, it has imposed a limit on the ability for proper explanation.  Regardless, it woke up a long ago forgotten memory of being a kid in school and first learning about "sets" and thinking that was the coolest thing in the world.  I really need to go back and revisit all the math I've forgotten over the years.

Anyhoo, I am over my nasty illness (although with great timing my back seized up at work yesterday which has never happened in my life and now I know why people hate it so much) so I'm kind of shuffling a little today because it is still stiff and sore.  I guess I should be thankful that I've heard of that happening to so many people my whole adult life and it never happened to me until my mid-40's.

Since I was so sick over the weekend I did not get to go back down to Gig Harbor to visit the Lipizzan I have been interested in.  The owner really wanted him to go so she didn't have to pay board on a horse they're not using for this month so offered him to me for a super low price.  But I can't just buy a horse with no pre-purchase exam and only meeting him once, so we came up with a solution that I will take him for December as a trial run starting tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited.  Ok, I'm wake up at 4am planning and daydreaming in my head excited!

Despite that I have started off weird at my new job getting sick right before my second day it still seems to be going ok when I'm actually there working.  It's a challenge to learn some new systems but I'm really enjoying it.  I was watching one of those inspirational videos that get forwarded around talking about don't bother doing anything for a vocation that isn't your passion or you're just wasting your life.  They showed lots of skydiving and artists and even horse trainers and mentioned poets and musicians, etc.  They did say "everyone wants to do something so everything will be covered".  And I realized that what I want to do for a living in accounting.  My passions are animals, horses and writing (fiction) but those are my vocational passions.  I love to write but I don't want to deal at all with the literary world.  And I love animals but I don't want to deal with the humans that come with working with animals (like being a trainer).  As Buck Brannamans said "I'm helping horses with people problems."  I don't want to do that.  It keeps coming back to this: for my vocation I like working with numbers, systems and puzzles.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  And it pays better than training dogs.  I just wish those inspirational videos would show some of the less "cool" jobs like accounting and engineers and architects and lawyers because I'm starting to realize those are not "jobs we do because we couldn't make it as "something exciting and cool" they are vocations that many of us are called to even if we do have other passions.

Speaking of my passion for writing, I am happy to say that despite being sick I did get some fiction writing while lying in bed.  Not as much as I'd have liked because I felt too sick to do much of anything for a couple days, but I got some written.  And the story is starting to really flow which is always fun because when I'm working on a novel the story is usually just as much a surprise to me as it unfolds as it would be to the reader.  This particular story is geared toward a range of ages from pre-teen to adult so I've had to be careful and watch my language and some of the darkness that comes out in my writing.   I just need to go back and edit when it's all done and remove any demons or serial killers who try to sneak in!  Ok, there aren't any of those.  One of the characters does have a psychotic illness but she is not that rare dangerous breed of psychotic, she is struggling with it but it isn't dangerous to anyone except maybe herself because it is very upsetting and painful for her.  And I'm also trying to portray the "villians" as being more human than I usually do.  Ok, it's definitely true because my villians are usually demons or succubi or psychopaths or the anti-christ or something just all out bad.

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