Thursday, January 31, 2013

All the possibilities ...

This week is a week of wide open possibilities and I'm sorting through them trying to figure out which way my heart wants me to go and then if that would work with my life as it is now.  It's a big red flag that the idea of going back to just a plain ole bookkeeping job makes my heart feel heavy.  Going back to school makes me feel energized and excited but only in certain areas - right now those areas or training courses to be certified as a Microsoft Dynamics Navision consultant or working with animals. 

My husband and I talked about going the Navision route and besides that it is very expensive it is also something I would need to do full-time.  I'd either need to be hired by a company where I assume they would want full-time because it is not the type of job that employers seem open to part-time and if I went out on my own not only would it be hard to get clients, but then by nature of the business the clients would want me to be available all business hours (ie: full-time).  So, I'm still tossing that idea around in my head.

The working with animals also sounds heavenly.  I looked into some vocational programs to be a veterinary technician and good lord those programs are expensive! And long - two years.  Although I would be thrilled to be in school for two years we just can't afford it even if I did sell my horse and get rid of those expenses.  We just couldn't afford the tuition.  But there is an apprenticeship program for dog trainers I could try to get into at a very well-respected training academy up here in Snohomish County.  I'm thinking of applying for that and basically lying on their floor refusing to move ever again until they take me on ... ok - maybe not that extreme.  Maybe I'd just beg.  Anyway, it's an unpaid apprentice program but it also is a free (!!!!) education.   So, I'd need to pick up some weekend work if I did that - god knows what that would be.  I'm still mulling that and looking at all my options.

So, this is a very exciting time because I have the opportunity to really listen to my heart and find the right direction for myself and my family.   Plans for this week are to log some serious time working on my Young Adult novel about Toadie and I'm going to pull out my old manuscript for how to manage one's individual finances and see about getting that edited and up as a cheap download from Amazon.  My BFF encouraged me to do that a couple years ago when we didn't have enough money and I had to close down my financial management non-profit, but I was lacking the confidence to finish it at that time.

In other good news I took the dog for a short walk this morning - her first one in two weeks since I fell down and went boom.   The L4 break doesn't really bother me but my sacrum still aches from where it is cracked if I walk too fast.   And my lower back muscles are all sorts of tight.  I'm looking forward to next week when I'll supposedly be feeling better enough that I can start swimming - since I really can't get any other exercise until the end of February.

By the time I'm able to lift heavy things and get regular exercise it will be just in time to start my early Spring prepping for the gardens.  Yay!  I'm definitely going to try to do lots of leafy greens this year because we go through those so quickly.  This time I am ready for the slugs and powdery mildew and have some good preventative tricks all ready.

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