Monday, January 28, 2013

I am slowly starting to feel better.  I still need to walk slowly because otherwise my back hurts and I can't lift anything heavier than my cat (this is probably the most frustrating part) but I'm feeling a little better.  I was able to sleep without any pain medication last night - w00t.

Maiden is now in training with Trainer K. and hopefully her old owner will be riding her and my friend, M. is taking weekly lessons on her for the next few weeks.  I watched one of  M.'s lessons yesterday and a couple times I started to say "just let me hop on her," then had to stop myself. 

When M. was lunging her she panicked over a couple road cones that were placed over a muddy spot in the arena.  Who knows why - they've been there forever but I who knows what goes on their little horse-heads.  What was funny was Star and her husband were standing at one of the gates watching Maiden and I noticed that whenever she'd pass the cones (and was obviously scared) she would stare at me as she was passing them (with this pleading "Help me!!") look in her eyes until finally Star's husband said, "She sure knows where her mama is, doesn't she?"  Which validates what I was seeing.  I thought it was sweet that she's learning she can trust and turn to me for protection.

I finally walked over and stood next to the cones and Maiden calmed down after seeing that the cones were not going to eat me.  Of course, then Trainer K. came out into the arena, walked over to where I was standing, looked at the muddy spot and decided it wasn't covered enough, so she grabbed a huge road cone (three times as big as the original two) and put it next to them, then walked away.  Of course as soon as Maiden came around on her lunging circle to see the new giant road cone she freaked and scooting away from them and started running the opposite direction.  My husband later told me that she probably thought, "Oh no! Their leader is here now!"  Once again, she would only pass the cones if she was staring right at me and I was staring right back at her saying, "You're safe. Walk on" and M. was inside the circle saying, "Walk on ..." and motioning her forward.

I knew M. was probably concerned about getting on her and having her spook at the orange cones while under saddle so I seriously started to say "Let me hop on her first and walk her around the arena a few times to make sure she's ok with the cones ..." until I realized that I couldn't even get on her back, let alone ride her.  Even with the mounting block at this point I would not be able to swing my leg over her.  And then it would hurt like hell on my sacrum sitting in that saddle even with her walking.  Grumble.  When M. was done with her lesson and they had just finished trotting and M. needed to get off because she was at her limit (I know how that is, when your legs are just too stretched or your back or thigh muscles have had it or your brain has just had it because there is too much chaos in the arena - like it was yesterday) and I almost said again, "Ok - I'll just hop on her and walk her around on a loose rein and cool off her."  Sigh.  Once again ... couldn't even swing my leg over her at this point.  Sigh.

M. came over after her lesson and showed me how to make a beaded browband for a new bridle for Maiden.  That was really fun!  I really need to get back into doing crafts in my down time (which I hadn't had any of but I have more of right now with the whole "being on stall rest" thing).  It was so relaxing so spend a couple hours picking out beads and making what I decided was the perfect pattern for her new browband.  The coolest part is that I can make different ones and switch them out when I want to.  I also had time to work on writing my YA novel on Saturday so both those activities really lifted my spirits.  I'm up to fifty pages in this particular novel so far.  I've been toying with trying to start a writer's group so I can get some feedback, although maybe what I should be doing is handing it out to some of the tween and teen girls I know to get their feedback since they are my target audience.

Maiden's new browband ...

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