Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I guess it doesn't matter which barn ...

Even my daughter has learned that when I go to the barn I'm never home as early as I say I'm going to be.  I always assume that besides not wanting to leave the presence of horses, it is because I've been boarding there for almost two years and have friends there so of course when we're all together we get chatting and then we want to show each other stuff with our horses or some new tack we got - very similar to teenage girls at the mall.  But yesterday when I went to Save a Forgotten Equine to meet some horses and ride a couple of them, I realized it really doesn't matter that it's not my barn - if you put me in a situation with horses and horse people I'm going to stay way later than I meant to - even if I didn't know any of the people before getting there.

I went out with some curiosity about handling and riding a rescue Arab named Miah.  And while I was there the resident trainer was about to work another rescue named Tilly who they said was that rare sweet-tempered beginner-safe rescue horse that had come in so I wanted to stay and meet her and ride her for a few minutes too.  Then as I was getting ready to leave the trainer's husband was getting ready to ride Sinatra (who I used to foster a couple years ago) and I *almost* stayed just for the chance to ride him because I never got to when I was fostering him because he was on stall rest.  But I was already much later than I'd said I'd be getting home so I opted for tearing myself away.

Miah gave me a terrible time but because she's so green I'm pretty sure it also had to do with my riding too.  And watching the video that one of the rescue volunteers took I'm seeing all sorts of things I could've done differently that would've made things go better.  One of my friends asked what Trainer K. thought about the video and I said she hadn't seen it but I was sure she'd say "Yep, that's a green horse" then proceed to tell me all the things I was doing wrong.  But I was also comparing myself to how the trainer had been riding and that's not fair to me because she's so much more advanced than me.

I also wonder if I was just way too heavy for her.  She was such a tiny little thing - not too short just very small boned.  I think she might be better for a physically smaller and more experienced rider.

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