Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family Matters ...

First off I am happy to say that tomorrow will be the half-way mark of 3 weeks into my stall rest and I'm starting to feel more back to normal.  I catch myself "bouncing" now and then and in the last day of so it hasn't hurt so much.  I even bounded up the stairs yesterday without quite as much pain in my sacrum.  I'm tempted to not actually ride my horse again until the owner's of the barn figure out a way to fix the footing though.  It is wet and packed down to the consistency of concrete so they put dirt/pine needles down for some cushioning.  I can pretend like I'm riding off the trails in Bridle Trails while I'm in the arena.  But I still wish it was just good footing.

I've been thinking about family a lot lately.  I rarely ever see my brother because we are so busy with our own projects and he's super busy with his private practice and writing books and traveling the world lecturing and teaching classes, etc.  So, we've only been seeing each other about once a twice a year for Christmas and maybe Easter.   My daughter changed that up a little this year by requesting a "family dinner" for her birthday with my brother, his wife and our parents.  So that was nice.  But I had managed to forget that he actually has a life beyond work and writing (the writing we've always had in common so that's easy to talk about after not seeing each other for a year).

But then the other day I was stumped because I want to learn how to play the piano part in this song and I actually suck at playing by ear so badly that I couldn't figure it out by myself.  So, I emailed the drummer and asked him if Shawn had any sheet music for it (after much google searching where I found the guitar tabs but even with the chords I couldn't get it to sound right when I tried to figure it out - I know, it's pathetic!).  But apparently Shawn doesn't write anything down and Regan even said he did a quick google search himself and no one else had written it down.  I was feeling frustrated with myself because (I'm out of practice now but back in the day) I was a very talented classical piano player and I can't even play by ear enough to figure out these simple chords.  So I sent the video to my brother and said, "Help me! Will you figure out the chords and then show me?" and he emailed back it was really easy and no problem.

Oh, the reason I want to figure out the chords is there are two studio musicians who go to our church who get other adults and a bunch of kids together to have a band just for fun and I want them to do this song and I said I'd play piano for it.    They sound like when the family gets together and tries to play Rock Band because only the drummer and guitar player are professionals and the rest are a couple parents and a bunch of kids but that doesn't matter because it is so fun when they get together and play.  I don't care if they don't sound tight and uber-rehearsed.  It's like sitting in your living room jamming with family of all ages and just having fun and making music and just having a good time.

It just reminded me how much my brother and I have in common.  We were very competitive as kids but as an adult I see how our talents are more complimentary than meant to be competitive.  I am very talented at sight-reading and can play anything set in front of me (although if it's super complicated I may need to practice it a few times) he is very talented at improvisation and playing by ear.  I write fiction and he writes non-fiction.  And we're both very smart.  And we were both popular enough in high school and had no clue that we were.  Well, maybe he did.  I look back and I think "If only I knew then how cool we were maybe I wouldn't have had such a rough time of it!"  I hope my daughter goes into her teen years knowing that who is she is a fabulous person without having to worry about changing herself with shallow crap like fashion or succumbing to peer pressure or consumerism.  In fact, though many might think I'm a bad mom for letting my daughter listen to this song because of the profanity, I really like the message it sends.  It warmed my heart to hear her signing this morning "I call that getting swingled and pimped ... I call that getting tricked by business ... that shirt is hella dough and with six others in the club that's a hella don't ..."

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