Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I will take my subject line from a song ...

Actually, I don't think I will because I probably shouldn't admit what I'm listening to.  I was ok coming out of the closet with my Barry Manilow fandom, but now my 9-year old daughter has managed to get me hooked on pop music ala Maroon 5, Pitbull, Adelle.  There are still artists she likes such as Pink that I refuse to listen to (seriously - Pink has the most awful voice!).  But in general I've lost every shred of punk rock cred. that I ever had and that just makes me feel more punk rock because I'm doing what I want even if it's not accepted in the cult of cool.  So there.  Says the middle aged mom wearing pink pajamas and listening to Train.  Sigh.  The color pink is the new punk, baby.

Tomorrow I am down to two weeks in my countdown for stall rest to end.  I'm a little concerned because my back (right where my L4 is) and my sacrum still hurt - especially if I'm standing up for a long time.  But it is definitely better because I'm not popping double-doses of ibuprofen every six hours or taking vicodan so I can not be in pain when I lie down to sleep at night.  I'm not completely sticking to the "don't pick anything up over 10 pounds" rule but I am trying really hard.  It's just that every now and then it is not practical to not pick up something heavy for a couple minutes. I can't be flagging people down constantly to help me pick things up.  But in general I am sticking to it pretty well.  Today at the grocery store I was debating with my tiny little stick-thin daughter (who weighs all of 50 pounds) if she could take down the box of cat litter from the shelf that was as high as her shoulders.  She kept insisting she could, hoisted it up off the shelf and immediately fell over while dropping it on the ground.  I said I'd get a clerk to help us and she insisted, "No, I can do it!" and wrestled it onto the bottom of the shopping cart.  Then she hoisted it onto the counter at the register and  pulled it out of the shopping cart (where the sides are as high as her nose!) and into the back of the car.  She kept saying, "No, let me do it! I can do it!"  Just like her mom!  I'm so proud!

I have a new job as of this week and I'm working every day - which is very different for me because I haven't worked five days a week for ten years (since right before my daughter was born).  The most I think I worked when I had my own business a few years ago was three days a week. But this job is close to where I live and only four hours a day so it leaves me plenty of time to do my horse thing and soon my garden thing and be home when my daughter gets home from school.

Yesterday and today I had time to go out and see Maiden but tomorrow I need to head up north of Monroe and check on Girlfriend after work.  I got a call from my friend whose property is where she lives.  Apparently, she was lying on the ground with "green stuff" coming out of her nose and mouth and making funny noises.  I immediately had visions of her dying and me being in the middle of the grocery store with an impatient child and a cart full of groceries and a good 45 minute drive away because it was rush hour and the only two routes up there from my town are a choice between two completely jammed up one-lane highways.  So my normal 15-20 minutes to get there would be a lot longer.

So, I pulled my shopping cart over and asked a million questions and from what my friend was saying I figured out she probably had choke.  I felt bad because I felt like I was grilling her on what the stuff coming out of her nose looked like and what the funny noise sounded like - I did stop myself before I started making different noises and asking "Does it sound like this?"  I did describe a lot of noises though and noticed out of the corner of my eye some odd looks by passer-bys.  Whatever.  My vet was in the middle of some sort of procedure so I had to call Pilchuck, who are huge and super expensive and don't know me or my horse.  Luckily, the couple vets I've met from there are nice, but I was trying not to be shallow and bemoan too much that they're super expensive.

By the time the vet called me back from Pilchuck it sounded like from my friend that Girlfriend's choke had resolved itself and she was resting comfortably.  The vet told me to check for signs of aspiration pneumonia over the next few days so I'm heading out tomorrow to take her temperature and just keep an eye on her.  I'll go out this weekend too.  Poor old girl.

Maiden is doing well.  She's starting to learn to stretch and engage her back a little tiny bit.  She's only been in training for three weeks but I can see tiny glimpses of her at least attempting to use her body properly.  It helps motivate her to stretch now that we have the super crappy footing in the arena.  Today she actually tried to stop and munch on some of the pine needles.  So it's kind of an irony that even though it's a horrible excuse for footing it is encouraging her to stretch because she wants to bury her nose in the pine needles and pine chips.  Speaking of which I need to go out and look at the place I'm considering moving to again.  I just haven't had the time yet this week.

My daughter has been taking weekly cooking classes at the YMCA and between that and an excellent dinner of "recipes for forgotten foods" that my friend hosted a couple weeks ago, I've been trying to be more pro-active about experimenting with more cooking attempts.  I've been getting really lazy the last few months with cooking.  Tomorrow I'm going to try cooking spaghetti squash and perhaps a lentil sauce.  Yeah.  I'll let you know how that goes.  I always naively go into these new experiments blissfully convinced they will work and they often do not the first time.

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