Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ramble on ...

Yesterday was the first day in month that it was nice enough outside to get out and plant some bulbs.  I still have two weeks left of "stall rest" so I needed my daughter to help me move pots to the porch and move bags of dirt around.  She's been a real trooper helping me out even though she's not really able to lift much more than 25 lbs (seeing as 25 pounds is half her weight!).  She's so cute because she'll come stomping out of the house and demand, "Is that more than ten pounds, Mom? Put it down if it is!"

Just a little over a week left.  Unfortunately, I'm still having pain where the breaks were so I'm holding out hope it will be gone in the next twelve days but if not I may actually have to go back and see the orthopedic specialist again.  He said I didn't have to come back unless I wanted to and I said, "Nothing personal but I'd rather not."  He was nice though. 

I hear all these stories from people who've had to go to the doctor for accidents riding horses and the doctors say things like how it's so dangerous and they should rethink doing such dangerous things "at their age" or in my case "with rheumatoid arthritis" or whatever.  Other things I've heard health care workers say is "Well, of course you got hurt jumping" or "Of course you got hurt riding in an English saddle" which is odd to me.  I've heard so many people say "You can't fall out of a Western saddle!" which amazes me. I've seen someone come off Girlfriend in a huge, barrel racer Western saddle which was like a cushy bucket on top of a horse."  I actually find English saddles easier to ride in because you can balance to the horse's body and feel what the horse is doing.  In a Western saddle you can't feel at all what's going on in the horse's body.  I guess it's all what you're used to.

Anyway, this doctor was nice and said when he came in, "Ah, fell off a horse, I see.  You came out lucky.  The woman who came to the E.R. right after you got run over by a horse and it shattered her hip."  As a side note it turned out my EMT's were called to that accident too but were sent away when they got there because she needed the paramedics to come so they could give her pain meds because they couldn't even move her onto a back board without pain meds =shudder=  Then the doctor asked if I knew her and I said no and he said, "I thought all you horse people knew each other."

Speaking of horse people, I need to go visit the barn I was looking at moving to again this weekend.  I didn't have time go out this week because I caught a cold and had an emergency with my retired horse, Girlfriend and time just got away from me.  There are a few drawbacks.  The biggest being that Trainer K. can't travel to give me lessons right now because she doesn't have time.  I'm going to ask Beth Glosten if she has room in her schedule to travel to give me weekly lessons (which I'm not sure she will) but she teaches balance and position and says she doesn't teach riding techniques - I think she said that, I should check.  So, if I want to advance past Training Level I'll have to figure something else.  But I figure for the here and now I need *a lot* of help with my posture and balance so it would be helpful to take lessons with her too.

There's also a stall open at the place at Bridle Trails that I used to ride as a kid.  It's not the same owners or horses of course, but I have to admit that going back there has a big appeal to me.  The trainer there isn't a dressage trainer so I'd have to ask if I could bring Beth out for lessons.  And it's 15 minutes away and I-405 is not the best for lack of traffic.  And the backroads route is a half hour that sucks.  But I can ride right into Bridle Trails State Park from the barn and I could ride my horse to the Lake WA Saddle Club in summer to watch Trainer K. riding Gemini  and Favio in shows which would be really fun.  But I'm not happy about the distance especially now that I have a job five days a week.

Speaking of my job, I successfully finished my first week of working five days a week in ten years and I feel really good about it.  I didn't feel tired or drained or anything.  I like that it takes 10 minutes to get there by driving down a rural highway surrounded by woods.  I like that my office is in a big warehouse and I don't need to dress up and my boss and his electricians are all trash-talking and sarcastic but at the same time also very nice, so I can just relax and be myself and it's fine.   I don't have to temper my "country girl" side because I get weird looks from my hipster co-workers who all live downtown and can't imagine a world beyond that.  I know that sounds like I'm exaggerating but I'm not.  My brief six weeks with the software company and I stood out like a animal-hair-covered-anomaly with these people who only leave the city to stay in urbanized vacation destinations.  God forbid I talk to any of them about things like Girlfriend's emergency (which I talked my boss's wife ear off about yesterday!)

I'm also learning some really interesting things even though I'm using Quickbooks so I don't have to learn any new computer programs and I know all the accounting.  Because it is commercial electricians it is a potentially dangerous job so yesterday I had the opportunity to learn all about Labor & Industries claims.  And it's made me realize that L&I is not an efficient program at all.  It's an important program but it is run very inefficiently and like everything in our government ends up wasting a ton of money because of short sighted rules and regulations.  Ironically, if a little more was spent on efficiency in the program a lot less would be spent on waste.  But then hey, welcome to the Washington State government ... and the U.S. government.  It is really hard for budget-driven accountants to learn about government budgets in this country because I don't think anyone who works in the government has any clue about budgets.  But on a happier note there is an awesome, fairly new program in our state called the Stay At Work Program.   I think that's an excellent idea and will help not only reduce fraud but also give worker's the security of knowing they can still earn money despite their injury without hurting themselves by going back to their usual work before they are physically ready just because they can't afford to take the time off to heal.

As far as Girlfriend goes, she had a really bad choke experience.  My friend where she lives said it cleared up on Wednesday night and I asked the vet if horses could go into "remission" and she did say it could happen that the horse adjusts to it and gets quite and stops trying to eat and it seems like it is resolved until they try to eat again.  But the vet said that was very rare so we were probably fine. Well, unfortunately,  she wasn't fine.   She looked like she was fine that night but then apparently while my friend was out all day and I was at work she tried to eat again so when I got out there after work (and my friend got home an hour later) Girl was making the most horrendous gurgling, gagging, pukey noises and when she did she'd lower her head and her whole body was convulse and shake.  And she had thick green goo running out of her nose and mouth and it was pretty awful.  At least she was standing up and the night before when my friend found her like that she was lying down.  Ugh.

The vet came out and it took a long time to get the blockage moved because it was so stuck in there and was pretty far down.  It meant putting a couple different hoses up her nose - we finally had to go with the biggest one because the smaller one was not providing enough water pressure to move the blockage.  Poor thing.  Then we gave her antibiotics because she'd been choking for so long the risk of aspiration leading to aspiration pneumonia was very high.  I got to give a horse a shot for the first time and the needle for the antibiotics was frighteningly large.  I have to start giving Maiden Adequan soon for her arthritis in her front knees and the vet said that Adequan would be nothing compared to the giant needle for the antibiotics.  It'll be interesting giving her the second dose on Monday because she won't be sedated.  Sigh.

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