Friday, March 22, 2013

As of today I officially can never eat my horse.

I finally got around to getting Maiden started on her Adequan - which is an injectable medication that will help her with arthritis in her knees and help repair the joints.  I gathered all my first aid stuff - alcohol, cotton balls, syringes, Adequan multi-dose vile in one place finally.  When I was filling the syringe I saw a warning on the bottle "do not give to horses intended for human consumption".  Which always seems really odd in our country since people here don't generally eat horses and as far as I know it's not sold anywhere here.  And it makes me wary of anywhere that does serve horse meat (unless it was some small town in some other country where you saw where they got the horses from) It's because so many kill buyers come to auctions here in Washington State to buy horses really cheap to sell to slaughter in Canada and I guarantee they are not disclosing that the horses most likely have been given all sorts of stuff (dewormers, supplements, etc) that say "do not give to horses intended for human consumption".  That's why it sounds sickening to me - because of all the toxic stuff the horse has been given.  That upsets many of my horse friends (that I'm only horrified about horse meat being toxic - not that it's horse meat), but honestly, I can't say that eating a horse is any worse than eating a cow or pig because that is so horribly unfair to the cow or pig.  Just because you don't have a personal relationship with some being doesn't mean they have any less worth.  I just find it very hypocritical to eat one animal but then be horrified by eating another animal as though they are somehow more valuable than the animals that are eaten.  I think all animals are valuable.

So, I started this blog post last night and then went to bed feeling exhausted.  I woke up numerous times throughout the night for no particular reason and woke up this morning thinking about how tired I still was, wondering how I'm going to fit in all the stuff I need to catch up on around the house with every day in front of me packed with "stuff to do" when my daughter announced "There's snow on the ground!" (on the 2nd day of Spring!).  I hoped for no school but up here in the boonies they're apparently not too worried about an inch of snow that will probably melt by afternoon.  So, I pack my daughter off to the school bus and was literally putting my stuff in my car to leave for work when I get a text saying "If you're nervous about driving you don't have to come in," to which I sent back "I'm not nervous at all but I would LOVE a day off" to which they sent back "Ok - have a good one then!"  Yay! Every now and then just a little surprise like that totally makes my day.  Now I have an extra four hours to catch up on chores and even fit in a little time to sit quietly (with no kids running around) and have my coffee.  I don't get a lot of quiet time these days because I go to work, go to the stable (or run errands) until it's time to pick up my daughter and the girl I babysit after school and then there's no hope for quiet the rest of the day after that.  So I will say again - yay!

I'm really glad I didn't plant anything in my gardens yet.  Not that I would plant starts this soon (I don't even have starts going yet) and I'm not sure how seeds planted before the last frost/snow do.  They probably do fine.  Well, I did plant the three potatoes from my pantry that I forgot to use but that's more of an experiment I'm not too worried about.  One of my "many things to do" on my list is get the community garden beds weeded but obviously that is not happening today.

Maiden is doing well.  I'm glad I put her warmest blanket on yesterday because I heard it was supposed to get cold last night.  We've been having some good rides now that I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable and my sacrum and back aren't hurting as much.  I feel very out of practice and stiff though.  I'm really struggling with posting at the trot (as opposed to posting some other time ...? I guess that was kind of obvious the posting would be at a trot ...).  Anyway,  I'm having trouble doing it correctly.  I think I did not learn it correctly as a kid because my instinct is to "stand up/sit down" which means propelling myself up with the stirrups (which is incorrect).  Since what I remember most about riding as a kid in lessons is jumping I have heard that many hunter/jumper instructors don't really focus on proper posting and that's fine in that discipline.  I don't know if that's true for everyone in hunter/jumper of course.  But then I don't know any other discipline that is as nitpicky and absolutely obsessed with perfection as dressage is - which of course speaks to the OCD accountant side of me.  So, I'm struggling with posting.  And not slouching.  Which is apparently my natural state of being (the whole Gen X thing ... it's in my blood to slouch apparently).

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